This article is about a/an Precious in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Mountain Crushing Kanabo

The Mountain Crushing Kanabo (山砕きの金棒 Yamakudaki no Kanabō) massive kanabo used in the legend of Momotarō by the Oni he fought with the ability to destroy mountains. The Questers steal the kanabo in hoping to use it's legendary power in their latest Quester Robo, Radial; but their taking it also reawakens Momotarō himself, who arrives in a peach and is raised by Akashi and Eiji. Though given the name of just "Tarō", the boy still had an obligation ultimately to fight to regain the kanabo back. In the midst of a battle where the Boukengers find themselves nearly defeated by the Quester Robo, Tarō ultimately uses his super-strength to prevent the kanabo from crushing DaiVoyager, protecting his adopted parents and allowing them to defeat the mech. Ultimately, Tarō takes the kanabo with him as he returned to the mountains in his peach so it could never be utilized again. Task 36: The Oni's Kanabou

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