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―Motor Mantis' first words while driving recklessly.[src]

"Huh?! A Quasar Saber! Trakeena would reward me handsomely if I won that! I accept your challenge!"
―Motor Mantis after hearing Leo Corbett's request.[src]

―Motor Mantis reacting to the Red Capsular Cycle's Fireball Mode and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"So, you think you've beaten me just because you have the Capsular Cycle. Well, I'm just as fast on my feet!"
―Motor Mantis' first words after growing giant, and his final words before his demise.[src]

Motor Mantis is a monster with a love of motorcycles (believing his to be the fastest wheels in the Galaxy) and speed.


He once worked for Scorpius as seen in the flashback sequence from "The Sunflower Search", which depicted Scorpius' attack on the Magna Defender's planet. He was among the monsters that taunted the Manga Defender, who chose to oppose them using the Torozord before it was revealed his son, Zika, was being held hostage by Fishface.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Sunflower Search

Motor Mantis was later brought in by Deviot and approved by Trakeena to destroy the Galaxy Rangers. He attacked the Terra Venture, drawing out Kendrix Morgan and Maya first. He managed to overwhelm them and transformed them into trophies as Leo Corbett, Damon Henderson and Kai Chen arrived on their Astro Cycles. He challenged all three to a race to win the girls back and defeated all three by way of cheating, using trip wires, landslides and outright attacks to halt their attempts to win.

Leo later challenged him to a race, his Quasar Saber being the prize if he beat him "fair and square". While he was excited at the prospect of another race, Motor Mantis once again restored to dirty tactics to beat Leo, who beat him with the Red Capsular Cycle upgrade to his Astro Cycle. Infuriated, Motor Mantis refused to change the girls back and attempted to run Leo down, but Leo hit him with the Red Capsular Cycle's Fireball Mode attack, destroying Motor Mantis' motorcycle and freeing Maya and Kendrix.

Motor Mantis then quickly grew to giant size and engaged the Galaxy Megazord. After Kendrix knocked him down with the Pink Power attack, Leo finished off Motor Mantis with the Condor Galactabeast's Missile Launch.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mean Wheels Mantis


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