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"I almost had them...!"
―Final words before death[src]

Mothma (モズマ Mozuma) is one of the many Daikaan of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who rule planet Earth.

Character History

Mothma pilots the Moraimarz to fights KyurenOh, but Kyurangers manages to destroy it and Mothma manages to survive and follow them to Orion as well. Mothma sprites his copies inside of Orion and begins to take control of it, heading straight towards the sun. Lucky and Kotaro Sakuma battle Mothma, destroying him permanently to prevent the Orion from reaching the sun. Space.10: A Small Giant, Big Star!


While his ability of controlling machines is shown to be very dangerous, he is shown to be very cowardly and comedically tried to avoid both Lucky and Kotaro throughout the episode. Though it is justified that his ability will prevail as long as he is alive.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flying: He can use his beam wing to fly.
  • Long Arm Claw: He use a pair of very long arms that he uses in combat.


  • Control Scale (アヤツリンプン Ayatsuripun): His scale can make any kind of mechanic uncontrollable.


His ability to control machines will be rendered useless if he is dead.


  • Title: Daikaan of Earth
  • Born: Ga of Aquila
  • Category: Insect Alien
  • Inrō: Right Hip
  • Favorites: Skewered Chicken and Spaceship
  • Aka: Hijacker of the Space

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