This article is about a/an villain ship in Dengeki Sentai Changeman.

The Mothership Gozmard (母艦ゴズマード Bokan Gozumādo) is the main ship of the fleet of the Great Star League Gozma, bringing General Giluke and his army to Earth in the initial invasion of Earth. The ship ends up staying above the Earth most of the season as their headquarters, controlled by Giluke or, for a short period, by Queen Ahames during her rule of the invasion.

During the final stages of the Earth battle, Giluke pilots the Gozmard into Tokyo in a last effort to destroy the Changeman, but after he is stopped Commander Yui Ibuki and Nana board it instead where they find out the secrets of the leader Star King Bazoo before being sent into space. When the Changeman catch up in Shuttle Base, Bazoo attacks the Gozmard destroying it; the team ends up saving Gyodai, who was abandoned after everything that had happened, before it explodes.Ep. 54: Giluke Grand Explosion!Final Ep.: Farewell, Friends of Space!

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