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Moth Mozoo (ドクガモズー Dokuga Mozū, 8, 28) is the moth-theme Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Character History

He was part a plan with Mazurka into capturing the Professor while she was being guarded by Goggle Blue. He used the dust to knock Goggle Blue and the professor away from the cemetery, then threw Cherry Bombs at them, injuring Google Blue in the process. He recaptured the professor after Goggle Blue and the professor escaped; Because she had plans that would go against the Desdark. In the third fight with Goggle Blue, he fanned dust and blew yellow smoke at him. While Goggle Blue was still injured, the rest of the Goggle-V went to help Goggle Blue. Moth Mozoo blew dust, yellow smoke, and threw bombs at Goggle-V, but he was slowed down by Goggle Blue's Blue Sapphire Jet Ring. Then the others joined in and used Ring Spin Typhoons and Goggle Victory Flash. Dokuga Mozoo regenerated and used the Dokuga Kong. While in Dokuga Kong, he threw dust and blew yellow smoke at Goggle Robo. Then hit Goggle Robo with his staff but was blocked by Goggle Robo Shield. Then he threw cherry bombs at Goggle Robo. Then he was hit by Goggle Robo Hand Missile and then finally defeated by the Electron Galaxy Cut. Episode 28-Attack Goggle V in dreamworld.

Moth Mozoo was among multiple Mozoo nearly revived by Shark Mozoo during a Mozoo revival ceremony stopped by Goggle V.


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He could jump high, emit stun powder from his body, throw ball bombs, use an ax staff, and could release toxic yellow gas from his mouth.

Behind the Scenes

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