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The Mosa Razor Zord is the Mosasaurus-themed Zord of the Dino Fury Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Fury.


The Mosa Razor Zord resembles a mechanical Mosasaurus. It has a trident-like tail and missile launchers underneath its front fins and makes up most of the body for its Battle Mode. These Unnamed ammonite zords, similar to the Nautilus, assist the Mosa Razor Zord and make the hands of the Mosa Razor Zord's Battle Mode.

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 16-20, 22, S2 Episodes 4, 10


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Mosa Razor Zord Battle Mode

The Mosa Razor Zord Battle Mode is the Megazord of the Dino Fury Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Fury. It wields a trident-like harpoon formed from the Mosa Razor Zord's tail as its weapon and excels in underwater combat.

The Battle Mode's finisher is the Harpoon Strike where it jumps in the air and dives back down with its trident-like harpoon spinning in a drill manner that pierces through the Sporix Beast.

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 16, 18, 22, S2 Episodes 4

Additional Formations

Electro Zord

The Electro Zord is the combined form of the Dimetro Blazing Zord and Mosa Razor Zord. Its design is based on the Spinosaurus.[1]

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 17

Fusion Ultrazord

The Fusion Ultrazord is the combination of the T-Rex Champion Zord, Dimetro Blazing Zord, Mosa Razor Zord, and the T-Rex Dino Key. It wields the T-Rex Fist on its left arm and the Mosa Fist on its right arm and utilizes fire, water, and lightning abilities. Its attacks are the Ultra Kick (powerful blue lightning-charged spin kicks) and the Ultra Barrage (swirling flame-like hurricane blasts released from its shoulder-mounted cannons).

Its finisher is the Fusion Ultra Strike where it charges the Mosa Fist with blue lightning and the T-Rex Fist with fire to deliver chomping energy punches that defeat the Sporix Beast. A variation exists where the Sporix Beast is sprayed with scalding water from the Mosa Fist before being chomped by a greatly enlarged T-Rex Fist.

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 18, 22

Mosa Shadow Megazord

The Mosa Shadow Megazord is the combination of the Mosa Razor Zord Battle Mode, Shadow Raptor Zord, and the Shadow Dino Key. It wields the Shadow Raptor Zord's tail gun as its weapon to fire red energy blasts at its opponents and can utilize darkness-based abilities.

Its finisher is the Shadow Mega Blast where it generates darkness from its gun to fire a dark energy beam that pierces the Sporix Beast before turning into a black hole that swallows it up, defeating it.

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 20

Primal Ultrazord

The Primal Ultrazord is the combination between the T-Rex Champion Zord, Mosa Razor Zord, Ptera Freeze Zord, and the T-Rex Dino Key.[2] Likewise with the Fusion Ultrazord, it wields the T-Rex Fist on its left arm and the Mosa Fist on its right arm and utilizes fire, water, and ice abilities.

During the original battle with the Sporix Beasts, the Rafkon Rangers used this configuration to fight several giant Beasts at once. However, the Primal Ultrazord was too unstable and its use of its original finishing move Primal Extreme Blast caused a massive and destructive power surge. The Ultrazord fell apart, killing four of the six Rafkon Knights as a result. Because of this, Zayto wasn't thrilled about using it against Flapnarok but both Ollie and Solon were able to stabilize the configuration in time for a rematch.

It gains the ability to move at supersonic speeds and its primary attack is an electrified drop kick that inflicts huge damage to a Sporix Beast. It also has the Primal Triple Beam, which involves the Ultrazord firing beams of fire, water, and ice at the same time.

The Primal Ultrazord’s finisher is the Primal Ultra Blast, which involves the Ultrazord summoning manifestations of all of the Dino Fury Zords and firing off a barrage of laser beams (in their respective colors) from them at the Sporix Beast.

Appearances: DF S1 Episode 16 (flashback), 20 (flashback), DF S2 Episodes 10

Dino Fury Key

Mosa Dino Key

Mosa Dino Key (Knight Mode)

The Mosa Dino Key is the personal Dino Fury Key of the Mosa Razor Zord, used by the Dino Fury Gold Ranger.

Behind the Scenes


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  • The Mosa Razor Zord is the first Mosasaurus-themed Zord.


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