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"Ryusoul Change!"
―Transformation call[src]

The Transformation Gun Mosa Changer (変身銃モサチェンジャー Henshin Jū Mosa Chenjā) is the transformation device/standard issue firearm of Ryusoul Gold.[1]


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Mosa Changer w/ Gold RyuSoul

Mosa Changer w/ BiriBiriSoul

"Que bom!"
―Ryusoul insertion announcement[src]

"Dongara Haha! Nossa Mossa! Essa Hoisa! Mossa-sa-sa!"
―Standby announcement[src]

"Ryu So Cool! (royalty jingles) WOW!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

―KyoRyuSoul insertion announcement[src]

"Dongara Haha! Nossa Mossa!"
―Armor summoning standby announcement[src]

"Messa! Nossa! Mossa! Yossha! Kono Kanji!"
―Armor summoning announcement[src]

―KyoRyuSoul armor summoning announcement[src]

To transform, Ryusoul Gold plugs a RyuSoul in the back of the Mosa Changer before rotating the muzzle 180 degrees. During the standby music, Ryusoul Gold does a dance and afterward, he shoots up and transforms.[2] During standby, the user is surrounded by multiple manifestations of their RyuSoul in knight mode, which jumps on the body to form the suit.


Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger- Ryusoul Gold Henshin-2

To use a KyoRyuSoul, the one used is inserted to make the side panels spring upward. The muzzle is then cocked four times before pulling the trigger.

Special Attack

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Finishing Strike

Mosa Breaker

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