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"Report Necrolai."
―Morticon's first words when ordering the queen of all vampires to report of how her scouting mission had turned out.[src]

―Morticon after he was released from the Underworld.[src]

"The great Morticon has fallen but the Master will prevail!"
―Morticon's final words before his destruction.[src]

Morticon was the first general of the Morlock army and was one of the two major antagonists of Power Rangers Mystic Force. Morticon appeared to be an undead cyborg, with the machinery that comprised the bulk of his body fused to what remains of his blue skin. He was known to use a mystical portal to view the world and wielded a sword called the "Fang of the Master".


Morticon initially couldn't leave the Pit because Koragg's magic wasn't strong enough to free him, although he briefly broke through to the surface when Koragg robbed the Mystic Titans of their Megazord power and used it to free him. He land a meager beat down on the Mystic Dragon and was about to make the final strike on Nick, but before he could however, Nick quickly broke free and used a counter-spell to imprison Morticon once more. Tvicon.pngWhispering Voices

Morticon has also been seen vanishing a Styxoid in thin air.

End of Morticon.jpg

Morticon was soon freed again to battle after the Gargoyle of the Gates knocked the Titan Megazord into the Gates of the Underworld. He proved very powerful and was once again in his giant form when he appeared, easily defeating the Titan Megazord uses his own form of the Dark Magic Strike. He batted away the Mystic Dragon with his sword while Nick went to rescue Clare. Once Nick did that, he arrived on Catastros (summoned by Clare) and formed the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord which overpowered Morticon very easily. They then formed the Titan Megazord. He tried his Dark Magic Strike but his sword was frozen and the Rangers realized that Udonna was with them. With Morticon helpless, the Rangers and Udonna combined their powers and destroyed the villain once and for all with the Mystic Strike. Morticon swore that Octomus would win in the end even with him gone before exploding, marking the end of the first nemesis of the Rangers. Tvicon.pngThe Gatekeeper


All that remained of Morticon was his sword which Koragg found and claimed for himself. He would later reforge it into another Wolf Saber (the original having been destroyed by Nick during thier battle). With Morticon dead, Necrolai was able to successfully rejoin the Morlocks without fear of death and resurrected Calindor as Imperious to replace him. Ultimately, Morticon's final words proved untrue since the power of magic ended up destroying the Master.


Morticon was a ruthless, headstrong, arrogant, and sometimes sadistic Morlock that will do anything is his power to take over the surface world and impress the Master. He also has a very short temper, being angered easily if things don't go his way. Contrasting his short temper, though, he was also quite determined to get out of the Underworld, and will sometimes frequently attack Koragg to get him out. He can also be very intimidating to Necrolai. He and Koragg have never gotten along, and have gotten into fights on at least two occasions. Because of his strength and skill in battle, especially with his sword, he considers himself to be the most powerful warrior of all time. However, despite his ruthless and arrogant personality, Morticon is genuinely faithful to the Master. He wanted to conquer the world for Octomus and was very polite with him. Morticon also said during his defeat that maybe he fell, but the Master will avenge him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Power: Morticon was an extremely powerful Morlock and is one of the most powerful servants of the Master. He was capable of battling Koragg and even defeating him and was also extremely fierce opponent for the Rangers and it took the power of the Titan Megazord, powered up by Udonna to defeat him. Morticon is surpassed only by the Master.
  • Super Physical Strength: Morticon possessed Herculean strength, able to hurl the Mystic Dragon (with the Mystic Phoenix riding it) with one arm with relative ease and even ripping it apart into the individual Zords with a single slash of his sword.
  • Skilled Fighter: Morticon is an incredibly good fighter in spite of his arrogant nature, being able to match Koragg during a sword fight and overwhelming all five Rangers in their Mystic Titan forms and even the Mystic Dragon with horrible ease.
  • Durability: Although he was rarely hit by any attacks in the series, he was hit by the Centarus Phoenix Megazord's Fire Tail which knocked him down and didn't even wind him whereas it previously destroyed the Rock Troll.
  • Dark Magic Control Stream: Morticon could fire a continues stream of dark magic from his left hand to make his minions do what he ordered them to do.
  • Storm Creation: Morticon was able to create large, pitch black clouds in the skies over Briarwood, as proven by him saying "MY DARK MAGIC!" after the clouds over the city dissipated thanks to Claire.


Morticon's sword

  • Fang of the Master: Morticon possessed a large sword made from the Master's fangs for combat, it is indeed a powerful weapon, able to block both the Titan Megazord's Titans Attack and the Mystic Dragons Fire Blast with ease, and able to take the Mystic Dragon down in one swing.
    • Energy Slash: Morticon can also charge up his energy with purple energy and swing his sword at full force. He only performed this once, as the opening attack of his last battle, but it horribly shook up the Titan Megazord.
    • Energy Shockwave: Morticon can charge up his sword with golden energy and then stab it into the ground and unleash an energy shockwave. This was performed in the episode "Legendary Catastros" when he was tricked by Necrolai into thinking that Koragg wanted the Rangers' combination power for himself and this shockwave was powerful enough to make parts of his throne room's ceiling collapse and destroy several Styxoids.
    • Dark Magic Strike: Morticon's signature attack where he could charge up his sword with dark magic spewing and will swing it at full force to unleash a devastating upward purple energy slash. It was strong enough to take the Titan Megazord down with one hit and mention to take the Rangers right out of their Mystic Titan forms and de-morph them.

Behind the Scenes


  • Morticon was the only villain in Mystic Force that never fought the Rangers in his human size. He was only ever small in the Underworld and was a default giant whenever he came to Earth.
    • Whether this was by choice or just how great his power is remains unclear.
  • Morticon's origins are unclear although his counterpart's origins were explained in his final appearance. He was originally a High Zobil (the counterparts to the Styxoids) who proved himself to be immensely powerful to N'Ma/Octomus and was enhanced into his current form as a reward.
    • This was presumably omitted in Mystic Force because it was an extremely minor detail mentioned only in a throwaway line of dialogue.
  • Morticon's sword, if seen clearly, looks nearly identical to the King Rouzer used by Kamen Rider Blade in his King Form. The only differences are that Blade's King Rouzer looks like a knight's sword with a card reader on it while Morticon's sword is shaped like a sword with a bladed fang with something that shaped like bullet magazines.
  • Morticon is also known for being a main villain that was destroyed early in a series. This also happened with Scorpius in Lost Galaxy and Diabolico (initially) from Lightspeed Rescue.


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