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Morphing Masters

The Morphing Masters.

The Morphing Masters, alternately Morphin Masters, were a group of ancient sorcerers who set the Power Eggs' chest out to sea millions of years ago. Big Sisters

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The Morphing Masters (Boom! continuity)

In the Boom! Studios multiverse, the Morphin Masters are represented by a trio of Emissaries. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) FCBD 2018 Special 

In Issue 38, the Morphing Masters are shown in a flashback, looking vastly different from what was shown in the Zyuranger stock footage. They are also shown to be more morally grey, as they decided to protect the Splintered Star from the forces of evil by severing its connection to the Morphin Grid. This would result in condemning an entire universe to death in order to spare all of reality from the potential threat of malevolent forces attaining the planet's Zeo Crystal energy, energy so massive it could obliterate all of reality. (Though how much is true is ambiguous considering the source)

Something the Solarix Ranger realized, was that the Morphin Master were planning to reunite the severed universe once the Splintered Star depleted its Zeo Energy.

Known Members

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