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" It seemed the Earth too would be lost. Until, the legendary Morphin Masters arrived. Ageless beings with untold power. They were here to help us. I'd heard of the Morphin Grid before but I had no idea how strong it was. The Morphin Grid joined us with the spirits of the dinosaurs."
Zayto recounting his meeting with the Morphin Masters during the Great Sporix Wars.[src]

"I see beings, deep in the past. The Morphin Masters. Using the Grid, they created mystical artifacts to power teams of Rangers. They made the Prism!"
Zayto seeing the creation of the Ninja Nexus Prism, Energems, and Dino Gems by the Morphin Masters.[src]

The Morphin Masters, also known as The Masters, were ancient beings that lived in the Morphin Grid and protected it from various threats. Some of them were instrumental in creating the very power sources various Ranger teams use through all of time and space.


Ageless beings with untold power, the Morphin Masters were responsible for creating the Ninja Nexus Prism, which empowered the Ninja Steel Rangers, but also the Dino Gems which powered the Dino Rangers, as well as the Energems for the Dino Charge Rangers. Tvicon TV STORY-Unexpected Guest

Morphin Masters in the Viewing Globe

The Morphin Masters shown in the Viewing Globe.

Zordon refers to them as a group of ancient sorcerers who threw the chest containing Power Eggs into the sea millions of years ago. The sorcerers hid a universe of power within two mystical Power Eggs by casting the eggs into the sea. They believed that their ancient ancestors would look down on the eggs and protect them from universal danger. Tvicon TV STORY-Big Sisters

Morphin Masters Arrive

The Morphin Masters turning the Knights of Rafkon into the first Dino Fury Rangers.

As the Sporix Beasts gained the upper hand against the Knights of Rafkon and their dinosaur allies, six of the Morphin Masters emerged from a portal and granted the Knights of Rafkon the powers of the new Dino Fury Power Rangers before turning their dinosaur friends into Zords for them. They then left back to wherever they came from and the Dino Fury Rangers easily sealed the Sporix Beasts back into their eggs. Tvicon TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

Giving birth to multiple Power Rangers teams also gave rise to new threats, who started to hunt the Morphin Masters. Some of the Masters were actually destroyed by those villains, with those who survived going into hiding while dedicating their lives to protecting the Morphin Grid, vowing to never to interfere with people’s lives ever again. Despite this heavy decision being final, the Green Morphin Master broke the vow and continued to help not only the Dino Fury Rangers but multiple other Rangers teams in their darkest hour without the other Masters knowing.

When the Mega Rangers needed help to defeat the Armada, Master Green summoned the army of Legendary Rangers to help them before making them disappear in balls of light. Master Green also resurrected the robotic Ranger Steel after he was killed by Evox, making him a human in the process. Tvicon TV STORY-Morphin Master

The Morphin Masters aid the Dino Fury Rangers against Lord Zedd. Master Red uses his powers to restore the Red Ninja Steel powers of Mick Kanic and also temporarily restore Zayto. However, Zedd captures them in attempt to use their powers for himself. But at the last moment of his capture, Master Red was able to throw his staff to Javi, who caught it and saw a vision of the Altar of Zordnia, which will unlock the Cosmic Fury Zords using the staff as a key.


It was originally believed that due to their limited appearances and screen-time as well as mysterious nature, the Morphin Masters were pseudo neutral beings willing to create special devices and artifacts to help others save the universe for them. It was later revealed that shortly after the Great Sporix Wars, various villains started to hunt the Masters, which led to them becoming more distant and this time fully neutral in future conflicts. Master Green was an exception as she still tried to help some of the Ranger teams during their battles. However, the rest of the Masters were so devoted to this new belief, that they resorted to imprisoning Master Green for all eternity after realizing that she broke their rule to never interfere.

Notable Morphin Masters[]

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Portal Opening: The Morphin Masters were able to open up a massive swirling blue portals at will to transport themselves around.
  • Longevity: The Morphin Masters survived at least 65 million years between the events of Dino Fury's prelude and the events of "Big Sisters" but as in expanded continuity, they are not immortal.
  • Levitation: The Morphin Masters are able to float in mid-air unassisted.
  • Artifact Creation: By tapping into the Morphin Grid, the Morphin Masters can create special artifacts that allow one to morph into a Power Ranger. These include the Dino Gems, the Energems, and the Ninja Nexus Prism.
  • Resurrection: The Morphin Masters can bring others back from the dead, since Master Green appears to have been the one who resurrected Steel.
  • Underwater Survivability: The Morphin Masters can survive underwater.
  • Suspended Animation: Master Green has been shown to inherit this ability as she was the one that put Aiyon in a stasis for 65 million years.
  • Bubble Shield: Master Green was able to create a bubble-like shield to protect the Rangers.
  • Energy Sensing: The Morphin Masters can sense others through their energy.

The Master Staff


  • Master Staffs: All six Morphin Masters carry large white staffs at all times.
    • Power Bestowment: The Morphin Masters were able to hold their staffs into the air and charge them up with white energy before blasting people with them. These energies transform animals into Zords and give the humans and other beings Morphers to access the Morphin Grid and become Power Rangers.
    • Lightning Generation: As demonstrated by Master Green in the flashback of Ancient History, they can release lightning of their respective colors from their staffs.
    • Power Restoration: In the episode Void Trap, Master Green was able to restore the Rangers' powers with her staff.
    • Teleportation: Master Green was able to teleport away by gently slamming her staff down.
      • Remote Teleportation: Master Green was able to teleport the Rangers to safety in balls of light through her staff.
      • Teleportation Beam: The Morphin Masters can fire energy beams of their respective colors from their staffs that warp away anything they hit.
    • Healing: Master Green was able to heal Zayto with her staff.
    • Conjuration: Master Green was able to conjure up the Dino Master Saber with her staff.
    • Energy Lasers: The Morphin Masters can fire energy lasers of their respective color from their staffs.
      • Crystal Imprisonment: The energy lasers from the Morphin Masters' staffs can imprison anyone in crystal.
      • Freeing: Master Red was able to free Master Green from her crystal prison with his staff's energy lasers.
    • Levitation: The Morphin Masters can also make objects levitate with their staffs.
    • Mental Image Projection: Master Red's staff was able to project an image of the Altar of Zordnia into Javi's mind when he caught it.

Behind The Scenes[]

The Morphin Masters as seen in Dino Fury were designed by Tracey Collins, with the physical suits manufactured in and imported from Japan.[1][2][3] Bennett stated that only the Red and Green suits were produced, while the others used the same suits and had their colors changed in post-production. He also stated the decision to have Master Green be the one assisting the Dino Fury Rangers to be a random choice.[4]


The Morphin Masters, as they appear in Dino Fury, are voiced by the following actors:


Zyuranger Tribal Chiefs

The tribal chiefs from Zyuranger and the counterparts of the Morphin Masters.

  • Their first appearance in Mighty Morphin used footage of the tribal chiefs from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, albeit their faces obscured, and were seen only from a distance.
  • In Dino Fury, the Red, Blue and Green Morphin Masters refer to each other as "Master Red", "Master Blue", and "Master Green" respectively. Their names are the same as the Masters from Ryusoulger, sans Master Gold, who had no Ryusoulger Master analogue.
  • The Morphin Masters' colors correspond not only with the Dino Fury Rangers, but also with the Dino Charge Rangers and coincidentally, with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (with Gold being closest to Yellow).
  • Powerful villains who have hunt the Morphin Masters are unknown. They are indirectly mentioned by Master Blue in Morphin Master.




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