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" It seemed the Earth too would be lost. Until, the legendary Morphin Masters arrived. Ageless beings with untold power. They were here to help us. I'd heard of the Morphin Grid before but I had no idea how strong it was. The Morphin Grid joined us with the spirits of the dinosaurs."
Zayto recounting his meeting with the Morphin Masters during the Great Sporix Wars.[src]

"I see beings, deep in the past. The Morphin Masters. Using the Grid, they created mystical artifacts to power teams of Rangers. They made the Prism!"
Zayto seeing the creation of the Ninja Nexus Prism, Energems, and Dino Gems by the Morphin Masters.[src]

The Morphin Masters are a group of extremely mysterious but extremely significant characters in the Power Rangers franchise.


This article contains content in reference to the main TV series, as well as supplemental material, such as the comics. A sliding/floating timeline applies. Story instances for TV and other media will be clearly marked.

Not much is actually known about the Morphin Masters due to being extremely mysterious but it is known that they are responsible for creating the Ninja Nexus Prism, which empowered the Ninja Steel Rangers, but also the Dino Gems which powered the Dino Rangers, as well as the Energems for the Dino Charge Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Unexpected Guest

As the Sporix Beasts gained the upper hand against the Knights of Rafkon and their dinosaur allies, the Morphing Masters emerged from a portal and granted the Knights of Rafkon the powers of the new Dino Fury Power Rangers before turning their dinosaur friends into Zords for them. They then left back to wherever they came from and the Dino Fury Rangers easily sealed the Sporix Beasts back into their eggs. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

The original Power Coins were forged by Ninjor, who housed books written by the Masters within his temple which may explain how he was able to create them.

The very first on-screen mention of the Morphin Masters was when Zordon became aware of the Power Eggs. According to him, they were a group of four ancient sorcerers who threw the chest containing Power Eggs into the sea millions of years ago. The sorcerers hid a universe of power within two mystical Power Eggs by casting the eggs into the sea. They believed that their ancient ancestors would look down on the eggs and protect them from universal danger. Although Rita Repulsa managed to catch them, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers blasted them completely into the ocean where they were lost forever. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Big Sisters

Split History

The Morphin Masters are represented by a trio of Emissaries; Red, Blue and Yellow. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) FCBD 2018 Special 

The Morphin Masters studied the Morphin Grid.Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- MMPR #38

After the Morphin Masters discover a planet of Zeo Crystals, Praetor and his Solar Rangers severed that universe from the Morphin Grid to protect the Splintered Star from evil with the Solarix Morpher to help drain the Morphin energy of the said planet till it was safe enough to rejoin. Unfortunately, this also creates a nightmarish hellscape dubbed the Void, which was devoid of any and all life. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- MMPR #33


Due to their limited appearances and screen-time as well as mysterious nature, almost nothing is known of the Morphin Masters. What is certain is that they are pseudo neutral beings akin to the Watchers from Marvel Comics who do not wish to get directly involved in small scale conflicts. However, they were willing to create special devices (like the Nexus Star and Energems) to help others save the universe for them. However, should a galactic threat come up (like the Sporix Beasts who desire to destroy all life in the universe), they will intervene to ensure victory like Uatu the Watcher.

In the comics, the Morphin Masters are shown to be more morally grey, as they decided to protect the Splintered Star from the forces of evil by severing its connection to the Morphin Grid. This would result in condemning an entire universe to death in order to spare all of reality from the potential threat of malevolent forces attaining the planet's Zeo Crystal energy, energy so massive it could obliterate all of reality. However, how much of this backstory is true is ambiguous considering the source of this information was Praetor the main antagonist.

It later turn out be completely false as it is later revealed that the Solarix Morphers have the power to drain the Morphing energy. Which means there WERE plans to reunite the two universes together once more till Praetor went insane and condemned the universe to death.


Powers and Abilities

  • Portal Opening: The Morphin Masters were able to open up a massive swirling blue portal at will to transport themselves around.
  • Longevity: The Morphin Masters survived at least 65 million years between the events of Dino Fury's prelude and the events of "Big Sisters" but as in expanded continuity, they are not immortal.
  • Levitation: The Morphin Masters are able to float in mid-air unassisted.
  • Artifact Creation: By tapping into the Morphin Grid, the Morphin Masters can create special artifacts that allow one to morph into a Power Ranger. These include the Dino Gems, the Energems, and the Ninja Nexus Prism.


  • Staffs: All six Morphin Masters carry large white staffs at all times.
    • Power Bestowment: The Morphin Masters were able to hold their staffs into the air and charge them up with white energy before blasting people with them. These energies transform animals into Zords and give the humans Morphers to access the Morphin Grid and become Power Rangers.


The tribal chiefs from Zyuranger and the counterparts of the Morphin Masters.

  • The Morphin Masters first appearance in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers used footage of the tribal chiefs from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger but didn't show their faces as they were only seen from distance and were hooded.
    • Oddly, they are thus far the only example of extremely minor characters in the franchise being expanded retroactively into massively important beings since they are little more than plot devices in "Big Sisters."
  • The Morphin Masters' colors correspond not only with the Dino Fury Rangers, but also with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (with Gold being closest to Yellow) coincidentally.
  • The Red Morphin Master is voiced by Daryl Habraken who was the narrator in the New Saban Era.
  • They created various Ranger artifacts such as the Dino Gems, the Energems and the Nexus Prism in order to defeat evil for good in the future.
    • It’s possible they also created the Zeo Crystal and Quasar Sabers though this has not been confirmed.
  • Simon Bennett shared a picture of the Pink Morphin Master. Tracey Collins was in charge of the design and the manufacture of the character was made in Japan.[1]
    • He also shared a full body picture of the Red Morphin Master a day later.[2]
    • He then shared a full body picture of the Pink Morphin Master later on.[3]