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"It's Morphin' Time!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"It's Time for Buster!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

Morphin Brace (モーフィンブレス Mōfin Buresu): The Morphin Braces are the Go-Busters' transformation devices. They are wrist worn changers that are worn on the left arm. By calling out "Let's Morphin'!" (レッツモーフィン! Rettsu Mōfin!) when the changer announces "It's Morphin' Time!" (イッツモーフィンタイム! Ittsu Mōfin Taimu!), the Morphin Brace can open to reveal a pair of sunglasses on top to activate transformation. The Dōbutsu Sentai Go-Busters team uses the call "Animal Change!" (アニマルチェンジ Animaru Chenji) instead, and their Braces do not speak. It has five modes:

  1. Henshin Mode, transforming the user into a Go-Buster
  2. Call Mode, used to call on the Buddy Roids
  3. Let's Driving Mode, used to summon the Buster Vehicles
  4. Analyze Mode, used to analyze certain objects
  5. Robo Mode, used to activate Go-Buster Ace

The Morphin Brace is also the standard-issue communication device with the Energy Management Center. Its clock is also set to receive MegaZord coordinates as well as the countdown to their arrival, once Metaloid markers have been identified.

Transformation Sequence

User rotates the wheel and select henshin mode then press the button on the right after that, this person must put arm in the position when glasses are on the eyes level then press the button again


The Lupin Collection.


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