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"Rather than rely on fossil fuels that pollute our world, today we tap into an endless source of clean energy. And once our city proves its safe, the entire Earth will follow in our footsteps. Citizens of Coral Harbor, the future has arrived! And the future, is Morph X!"
―Mayor Daniel's ceremonial speech to introduce Morph X

Morph X[1] is the energy source that powers the city of Coral Harbor and the Power Rangers in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Since the Morphin Grid has an unlimited energy supply to produce Morph X, Morph X has been proposed by Nate Silva to be used for various applications including transportation fuel and electricity generation. Currently the only supplier of the Morph X is Grid Battleforce.


Morph X is the physical liquid-form of the Morphin Grid created by Nate Silva, which he discovered a way to use it as an energy source for the city of Coral Harbor. It is also the main energy source for the Beast Morpher Rangers and their accompanying gear.

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