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The Morph-X Keys are the collectible key-like items used by the Beast Morphers Rangers to allow them to transform from civilian to Ranger form through the use of the Beast-X Morpher. The Avatars also use them to transform into their cybervillain forms or initiate teleportation. All are powered by Morph-X and have limited uses before they must be recharged. Special keys created by Scrozzle are also used to transform objects into Robotrons with the Evox Virus.

These keys appear to be mass-produced, as the key is always absorbed into the Robotron upon its creation and never seen being retrieved.


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List of Known Morph-X Keys

These Morph-X Keys are used by the Beast Morphers Rangers as well as the Cybervillains to unlock their powers and forms.

  • The Red Morph-X Key allows Devon Daniels to transform into Beast Morphers Red.
  • The Blue Morph-X Key allows Ravi Shaw to transform into Beast Morphers Blue.
  • The Yellow Morph-X Key allows Zoey Reeves to transform into Beast Morphers Yellow.
  • The Gold Morph-X Key allows Nate Silva to transform into Beast Morphers Gold.
  • The Silver Morph-X Key allows Steel to transform into Beast Morphers Silver.
  • The Red Fury Morph-X Key allows Beast Morphers Red to power-up to his Red Fury Mode.
  • The Cruise Morph-X Key allows Beast Morphers Red to transform into his Beast-X Mode.
  • The Smash Morph-X Key allows Beast Morphers Blue to transform into his Beast-X Mode.
  • The Jax Morph-X Key allows Beast Morphers Yellow to transform into her Beast-X Mode.
  • The Blaze Morph-X Key allows Blaze (cybervillain) to transform into Cybervillain Blaze as an Avatar.
  • The Roxy Morph-X Key allows Roxy (cybervillain) to transform into Cybervillain Roxy as an Avatar.
  • The Robo-Blaze Morph-X Key allows Blaze (cybervillain) to transform into Cybervillain Robo-Blaze.
  • The Robo-Roxy Morph-X Key allows Roxy (cybervillain) to transform into Cybervillain Robo-Roxy.
  • The Beast-X King Morph-X Key allows the Rangers to summon the Beast-X King Zord.

These are Morph-X Keys that do not fit any of the preceding categories.


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  • The Morph-X Keys are an exclusive addition to the show's adaptation of Go-Busters, as Go-Busters did not have a collectible gimmick.
    • On this note, the Morph-X Keys are the first transformation trinkets exclusive to Power Rangers.
  • The Robotron Creation Key looks identical to the toyline Evox Morph-X Key, the only difference being the color; the Robotron Key is silver and black, while the Evox Key has yellow accents.


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