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Morio Makino in charge of the mechanical side of things for the Boukengers from his "Makino Workshop" near the GoGo Vehicle hanger, where equipment and weapons are held and developed. His dream is to prove the existence of the mystical island of Atlantis. As observed from his frequent comments of equipment not being tested, he is a systematic person. He stayed up three days straight while working on GoGo Jet, which required Masumi and Natsuki to force him to get some sleep. However, he woke up just in time to inform Satoru of GoGo Jet's completion and Ultimate DaiBouken in the battle against Naga. When the team was trying to retrieve the God's Head, he disguised himself as Satoru to confuse the enemies, even fooling Natsuki, Eiji, and Masumi, making them think that all the Boukengers were in one spot. Only Souta and Sakura knew it was him. Makino had a Accelluar also with him, but it was fake. Plus when the rest of them posed, he only stated his title, 'Mechanic Makino'! In the aftermath of Gajah's defeat, Morio disguised himself again this time as Sakura while the real Sakura sneaked away to go along with Satoru in the GoGo Voyager into outer space. Morio also eats from Dino Curry, meeting SCRTC's Miki Masaki there.


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