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"Stinger... You traitor!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Moretsuyoindaver (モーレツヨインダベー Mōretsuyoindabē) is the Daikaan who rule the Planet Needle. He is the powered up version of a Tsuyoindaver who was surgically modified and became a Daikaan.

Character History

Moretsuyondave is the Daikaan of Planet Needle in the Scorpius System who is a promoted Tsuyoindave. He wears the Moretsu Mask and is armed with the Bazookon club. He is destroyed by Sasori Orange when the latter intervene his battle with Shishi Red. This Daikaan was not enlarged as the Enlarge Inrō did not survive in the end.Space.3: The Man from the Desert Star


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Powers and Abilities


  • Bazoocone (バズーコン Bazūkon): Moretsuyoindaver's primary weapon which can shoot fireballs.
  • Violent Mask (モーレツマスク Mōretsu Masuku): The mask which make Moretsuyoindaver powerful.


Behind the Scenes


  • Moretsuyoindaver is voiced by Yukinori Okuhata (奥畑 幸典 Okuhata Yukinori). His suit actor is Yohei Fujita (藤田 洋平 Fujita Yohei).



concept art

  • The name for this Daikaan is a portmanteau of "Indaver" and the Japanese word for violent (猛烈 Mōretsu), alluding to them being stronger versions of the Tsuyoindaver.
  • This is the first Daikan not to be enlarged as the Enlarge Inrō did not survive in the end.
  • Like the Tsuyoindavers, his design is reminiscent of the Flatwoods Monster, but with a heavier floral motif.
  • He is very similar to Beautiful Zoreamer as both are Monsters of the week which are upgraded versions of Footsoldiers.


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