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Moondroid Tsukki (ムーンロイド ツッキー Mūnroido Tsukkī): A gold colored moonrock-based giant produced after Basco's summoned warriors were defeated by the Gokaigers in his attempt to get the Gingamens' greater power failed. It has a rock hard body and uses moon-based attacks. Destroyed by Shinken GokaiOh and GoZyuJin.The Lost Forest



concept art

  • Height - 49.8m
  • Weight - 372.5t


  • Moonroid Tsukki's head has a slightly similar design to the Scorpion Imagin from Kamen Rider Den-O.
  • Moonroid Tsukki was the first Giant Battle Pseudo-Lifeform to appear in a Tribute Episode.
  • None of the Giant Batlle-Pseudo-Lifeforms appeared on Power Rangers Super Megaforce because Sally was unadapted, due to Nickelodeon's 20 episode limit.

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