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The Moon Palace in Season 1 in MMPR.

The Bandora Palace also known as the Moon Palace, was Rita Repulsa's and Lord Zedd's residence and base on the Moon during the original three seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Layout and Design

Throughout Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1, the Moon Palace was shown to be a forebodingly dark building with a neon sign saying “BANDORA PALACE” on the exterior with a tall tower peaked by a massive blue orb. Not much of the Moon Palace’s internal layout is actually known since only a handful of rooms were only ever shown in the franchise. For the majority of Season 1, only a large wooden balcony on the 2nd floor where the villain operate out of and a workshop where the dog minion Finster operates out of are seen connected by wooden balconies.

At the start of Season 2, the entire Moon Palace exterior was remade by Lord Zedd to be bright chrome silver with the tower apparently no longer existing. Starting with Season 2, although the original balcony is very briefly shown after the remaking and Finster’s workshop remains, operations operate out of the Chamber of Command for Lord Zedd located in the building’s lower levels with peepholes in the walls for Squatt and Baboo. Although initially always shrouded in darkness, after Zedd marries Rita Repulsa, the room was always very brightly lit. Underneath the building, and unaffected by Zedd’s remake, are the Caves of Deception where the Zeo Crystal was originally stored in an area that constantly showed illusions to visitors. There was also possibly a bedroom in the building as seen in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie but this isn’t confirmed since they may have also been in Master Vile’s palace.


The Moon Palace was a large structure of unknown construction, though it was believed to have been built to protect the Zeo Crystal, as it was placed directly above where it was kept. Over ten thousand years ago Zophram, Zordon and Zartus found it in the the moon (charted to them as in A47 Galaxy) and they were led inside by hooded figures who lay watch over the Zeo Crystal. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 7. The hooded figures were Bandorians from the M51 Galaxy, entrusted by Morphin Masters with certain incantations, and one of them, an abbot, was convinced by Zartos in secret to use the "Fire of Truth"- a protective spell around the Zeo Crystal. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 9

The palace would lay dormant for 10,000 years until Rita escaped from her Dumpster and immediately set up residence inside.

The Moon Palace in Season 2 and onward in MMPR.

During her original attacks on Earth, Rita and her servants often spent their time on the observation balconies, which gave Rita the perfect place to set up her long-range telescope (referred to as the Repulsascope) and spy on the Power Rangers. When Lord Zedd returned to conquer the Earth himself, he claimed a higher floor of the Moon Palace and turned it into his personal throne room, which became the new preferred location for everybody to meet. Other major areas in the palace included a large laboratory (adjoining Rita's balcony) where Finster worked to create monsters and other evil devices, dungeons for containing intruders, and various doorways to other dimensions (which Rita and Zedd used regularly to trap humans and the Rangers in).

Throne Room

Shortly after the death of the Hydro Hog, the Moon Palace falls under attack by the Machine Empire which forces Zedd and Rita to abandon their home as it is reduced to a barely-standing wreck which they then put up for sale. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Zeo Beginning

Behind the Scenes


  • The Moon Palace used in shots are miniature diorama models.


  • The comics officially called the Moon Palace what it says on the door "Bandora Palace" in Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 9. The comics had a race called Bandorians- monks who guarded the Zeo Crystal inside the palace.


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