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Moogers are the basic foot soldiers in Power Rangers: Samurai.


They come from the Netherworld and serve under Master Xandred. It's possible that Moogers have some form of basic intelligence, as in the Tengen Gate, they agreed with Arachnitor about forcing the Red Ranger to show them the Sealing Symbol. Moogers are typically in golden brown attire and equipped with swords or bows. Master Xandred is capable of creating Moogers of all types when he is enraged.

Twice in the show, there are purple colored Moogers that are are slightly stronger, typically using staffs as a weapon. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Rescue 

They were all transported to the Netherworld after Master Xandred's death. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Samurai Forever

Destroyed Moogers end up in the Nighlok Heaven where some of them were working at the Halloween party there. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Party Monsters


The most common type of Mooger that was easily dispatched with amazing ease.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Strength-If caught at the right time, they could easily cut down a Samurai Ranger with one hit and easily both cut apart and flip big and heavy tables.
      • Enhanced Strength-When empowered by Xandred's anger, the Moogers could easily take down the Samurai Rangers with even greater ease and nearly slay them.
    • Archery-Since some Moogers carried large Wakyuus, they showed exceptional archery skills and were only ever thwarted by the Rangers' equal skill.
    • Sight-They can see despite not having any visible eyes.
    • Gap Teleportation-Moogers can teleport through gaps.
    • Anger Empowerment-When Master Xandred went berserk in the episode "Jayden's Challenge", his pure anger enhanced the Moogers to insane proportions whilst also turning them completely feral.
      • Enhanced Durability-The enhanced Moogers became almost completely immune to regular Spin Sword slashes and required the special attacks to slay.
      • Speech-When empowered by Xandred's anger, the Moogers could speak with his voice to deliver a threatening message.
  • Arsenal
    • Daos-The most common weapons wielded by Moogers were giant red-pink swords with razor sharp edges.
    • Yumis-Moogers were also typically armed with gigantic red bows capable of firing up to four arrows in a single volley.
    • Monk Spades-Moogers also could wield giant spears with two prongs and a large space in the middle capable of blocking weapons.
    • Wakyus-Some Moogers wield wakyu-like bows to fire arrows at their opponents.

Prs-Giant Mooger.jpg
Moogers that emerge from gaps giant sized by default to fight the Rangers' Megazords and were far stronger than the typical Moogers but still very weak when compared to the Rangers. Their trousers are a dirty-brown colour, as opposed to the bright yellow worn by regular Moogers.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Strength-The giant Moogers were far superior to their normal sized counterparts, easily restraining the Beetle Blaster Megazord with their weapons.
    • Archery-Like the regular sized Moogers, some giant Moogers showed exceptional archery skills.
    • Sight-They can see despite not having any visible eyes.
    • Gap Teleportation-Giant Moogers can teleport through gaps.
    • Anger Empowerment-When Master Xandred went berserk, his pure anger enhanced the giant Moogers to insane proportions whilst also turning them completely feral.
  • Arsenal
    • Daos-Giant Moogers most commonly wielded the same giant red-pink swords with razor sharp edges.
    • Yumis-Giant Moogers were also typically armed with gigantic red bows.
    • Monk Spades-Giant Moogers also could wield the same giant spears as their human sized counterparts.
      • Restraints-Unlike their normal sized counterparts however, the giant Moogers' monk spades doubled as restraints since (when wedged in the Samurai Megazord's joints) could render it completely immobile.
    • Chains-Unlike every other kind of Mooger, giant Moogers could also equip themselves with giant chains to restrain the Megazords.
    • Wakyus-Giant Moogers can also wield wakyu-like bows to fire arrows at their opponents like regular sized Moogers.

Prs-Flying Mooger.jpg
A unique type of Mooger able to (like their name implies) fly and are one of only two types of Mooger that are only seen giant sized and never human sized. Despite being able to fly, and being able to easily defeat ground-based Megazords, they were easily dispatched by the Battlewing Megazord. They wear brown trousers, like normal Giant Moogers, and helmets that resemble a bird's head.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Flight-Flying Moogers could fly/glide through the air via the wings on their back.
      • About Face-Almost every time that they were confronted by the Battlewing Megazord, they would turn around and try to flee in fear.
        • Super Speed-Whilst retreating from the Battlewing Megazord, they could flee at high speeds but were still never to escape in time.
    • Sight-They can see despite not having any visible eyes.
    • Gap Teleportation-Flying Moogers can teleport through gaps.
  • Arsenal
    • Monk Spades-Flying Moogers were only ever seen using the same giant spears as their contemporaries.
      • Energy Blasts-Flying Moogers could aim their Monk Spades and fire yellow or red energy blasts from the space in the middle of them. These were strong enough to cause large explosions and take down the Samurai Megazord with one hit.

Prss-Kusareno Mooger.jpg
Specially colored Moogers utilized by General Gut and Eyescar in their attacks but have no special powers or weapons.

Prss-Master Blaster.jpg
A special kind of Mooger introduced by Serrator and trained by Maldan to use laser rifles or cannons to blast down their enemies. The idea was that they would use firearms in such a way that the Spin Swords would be completely outdated and they'd easily kill the Samurai Rangers. However, aside from their updated ranged weapons, these Moogers were as weak as the rest and were even more easy to destroy due to having no close ranged abilities whatsoever. They wear tailed coolie hats on their heads.

Prss-Mooger Cannon Company.jpg
Giant versions of the Master Blasters who, rather than using rifles, wielded giant sized Japanese battle cannons that are much more powerful than the usual Master Blasters. However, they could easily drop it and be helpless or the blasts would just be very easily overpowered. They wear brown trousers and Master Blaster-style hats. It takes four Moogers of this sort to wield the cannon.


  • The purple Moogers exist because they were originally part of a special group of Nighlok dubbed the Kusare Gedoshu in Shinkenger.
    • Although this group and the group's leaders became General Gut and Eyescar, the idea of them being their own unique standalone army was omitted.

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