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"The Breel castle is just over the--AGHHHHH!"
―Montaur's final words before his death.[src]

Montaur was a Minotaur themed monster of the Evil Space Aliens.


Some 10,000 years ago, a long time before the emergence of the modern Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Lord Zedd sent Montaur to aid Rita Repulsa in her invasion of the unnamed Breel homeworld. His dialogue implied that she was taking too long for Zedd's liking so he was sent in as assistance. His leadership allowed the Putty Patrollers to slaughter the Breel to the point of genocide. Once the battle was all but won, he personally confronted the Breel leader who surrendered to protect his people and Montaur planned to utterly destroy thier leadership to drive fear into the hearts of the Breel People. This would both prevent an uprising and bring fear of Rita (and by extension Lord Zedd's name) across the universe. However, as he was about to lead Rita to the castle that the Breel leadership was held in to destroy it, he was shot by her from behind with a wand blast that vaporised him instantly, leaving just his helmet.

The reason for Rita slaying him is unclear, with her just saying "pity" after doing so. However, it can be presumed from his attitude that either she thought he planned to overthrow her (given he was only loyal to Zedd and his megalomaniacal nature). Alternatively, her displeased reaction throughout the panels suggests the real reason was because she was truly disgusted by his beastly nature since Rita is evil but she's not a complete monster.


Montaur was a ruthless and nasty individual who holds no qualms about war crimes and genocide whilst also having a habit of killing his foes once he defeats them as implied by Rita saying "and I assume you" after he told her that the Breel leader surrendered. He was also a pure psychopath, revelling in the fear and chaos his and Rita's invasion created. However, he was very clearly loyal to Lord Zedd although his loyalty to Rita is unclear.


  • Sword-Montaur can be seen wielding a sword similar to Goldar's when he confronted the Breel leader.


  • While completely useless in the grand scheme of the overall plot, the purpose in Montaur's existence narratively is to show that, while Rita is not as jokey as her television counterpart, she will not tolerate war crimes unless someone forces her hand. Rita is undeniably evil but she is a world conqueror, not a destroyer and seems to be aware that war crimes tend to unite people against a common enemy and she would be heavily outnumbered should the Breel decide to rise up. It's even implied that the only reason she actually won in the invasion was because she only killed those resisting her (the warriors) and left the civilians who just wanted to exist peacefully alone besides occupation.
    • She only actually attempts to destroy the Power Rangers as they are in direct opposition to her, even giving them a chance to join her in Go Go Power Rangers Issue 1.


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