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"A stone turned into a stone...a Monstone. They're pure instinct. No consciousness, unlike Kiramai Stones. Be careful. These things try to invade your body."
Takamichi revealing the nature of a Monstone to Sayo.[src]

Monstones (モンストーン Monsutōn) are a type of monster that are living yet mindless Stones that can merge with lifeforms to cause tremendous destruction.

Character History

A Monstone was unearthed by Takamichi Crystalia 30 years ago. It merged with him and threatened his life until King Oradin brought him back to Crystalia and implanted a Kiramai Stone into his body to counter its harmful effects. Episode 13: Great Underground War

When the Meteorite Jamen attacked Earth, Takamichi accidentally unearthed another Monstone creature whilst trying to locate the Shiny Kiramai Changer and he revealed it's nature to Sayo. Sensing the Meteorite Jamen nearby, the Monstone approached and merged with him, granting him the power of generating lava from his head. It was destroyed with him when Takamichi finished the Jamenshi with the Shining Beam Attack. Episode 12: Wonder Drill Boy

The second Monstone was unearthed by accident when Takamichi and Shiguru were shooting an action film so they transformed and took on the beast. However, it easily broke free of them and ran off to where Carantula was playing a demented version of red light green light where losing turned the Kiramagers into soccer balls. It blasted Takamichi and Shiguru but the latter blocked it with his Kiramai Shield though the Monstone then jumped over one of Takamichi's energy blasts at which point Takamichi left Shiguru to fight it and was easily beaten senseless. However, before the Monstone could finish him off, Takamichi drilled it into the air with his One Drill Strike and it was all revealed to have been a ploy for a surprise attack before he then obliterated the Monstone with his Shining Beam Attack. Episode 15: Listen, The Voice of Takamichi

Another Monstone appeared when a drunk Princess Mabushina was digging and it tries to fuse with her. However her drunk state confused the stone creature and she hits it, causing it to be fused with Golf Jamen and granting him the power to send people into portals by hitting them with his golf club. It was destroyed with him. Episode 35: Wandering Mabushina


A Monstone is a stone with instinct instead of sentience, thus according to Takamichi Crystalia, it is a pure stone. They seek for suitable bodies to merge. If they merge with a Jamenshi, they can enhance their power. But if they merge with a human, they could endanger their life without proper intervention.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength-The Monstone that fought Shiguru and Takamichi was able to knock the former to the ground with one hit of its arm after Takamichi left.
  • Jamenshi Enhancement: When a Monstone merges with a Jamenshi, it can make them more powerful than ever.
  • Death Inducement: When a Monstone merges with a human, it can endanger their lives to the point of possibly killing them.
  • Laser Vision: The Monstone that battled Shiguru and Takamichi can shoot pink lasers from any of its three eyes.
  • Leaping: The Monstone that battled Shiguru and Takamichi could jump high and fast enough to avoid a massive energy blast.
  • Jaaku Monstone Transformation: When a Monstone is imbued with Dark Energy, it can transform into a more powerful being called the Jaaku Monstone.
  • Assimilation: The Monstone that fought Juru and Takamichi was able to absorb the Energia Kanaema Stone into its body.
  • Enlarging: With the help of the Energia Kanaema Stone, the Monstone that fought Juru and Takamichi can enlarge into a giant.
    • Super Strength: When it grew using the Energia Kanaema Stone, it became strong enough to overpower GigantDriller.


  • Pointed Arms: While lacking weapons, all Monstones can fight using their pointed arm appendages.


  • Its name is a play on the term "moonstone", as well as being a portmanteau of "monster" and "stone".
  • The Monstone that fought Juru and Takamichi was the first of its kind to survive its debut episode.



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