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Monstones (モンストーン Monsutōn) are a type of monster that are living yet mindless Stones that can merge with lifeforms to cause tremendous destruction.

Character History

A Monstone was unearthed by Takamichi Crystalia 30 years ago. It merged with him and threatened his life. King Oradin brought him back to Crystalia and implanted a Kiramai Stone into his body to counter its harmful effects.Episode 13: Great Underground War

When Meteorite Jamen attacked Earth, Takamichi unearthed another Monstone. Sensing Meteorite Jamen nearby, the Monstone approached and merged with him, granting him the power of generating melting heat.Episode 12: Wonder Drill Boy


A Monstone is a stone with instinct, no sentience, thus according to Takamichi Crystalia a Monstone is a pure stone. They seek for suitable bodies to merge. If they merge with a Jamenshi, they can enhance the power of it. But if they merge with a human, they could endanger their life without proper intervention.

Powers and Abilities

  • Jamenshi Enhancement: When a Monstone merges with a Jamenshi, it can make them more powerful than ever.
  • Laser Vision: The Monstone that battled Shiguru Oshikiri and Takamichi can shoot pink lasers from any of its three eyes.
  • Leaping: The Monstone that battled Shiguru and Takamichi can leap long distances to avoid attacks.
  • Transformation: When a Monstone is imbued with Dark Energy, it can transform into a more powerful being, called the Jaaku Monstone.
  • Assimilation: The Monstone that fought Juru and Takamichi was able to absorb the Energia Kanaema Stone into its body.
  • Enlarging: With the help of the Energia Kanaema Stone, the Monstone that fought Juru and Takamichi can enlarge into a giant.
    • Super Strength: When it grew using the Energia Kanaema Stone, it became strong enough to overpower GigantDriller.


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Behind the Scenes


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  • Its name is a play on the term "moonstone", as well as being a portmanteau of "monster" and "stone".
  • The Monstone that fought Juru and Takamichi is the first of its kind to survive its debut episode.



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