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Monkeywi is a Rinshi, who uses the battle style of Baboon. He serves Grizzaka. He serve as the main antagonist of the episode "Friends Don't Fade Away".


Monkeywi was personal Rinshi of Grizzaka. After Grizzaka overthrowed Dai Shi/Jarrod, he summoned Monkeywi. Grizzaka send Monkeywi with Rinshi to Ocean Bluff to gather the fear of people. Sinse his master was the most powerful Overlord, Monkeywi was also powerful fighter. He had the Power of Zocato the analog of Master Mode of Rangers. Monkeywi encountered RJ, who seeked the savior from his turning into werewolf. Then the Rangers arrived. Monkeywi fought with them, until RJ again turned into werewolf and attacked the rangers. Monkeywi left. Monkewi returned and sucessfuly fought with rangers, using his fire blasts from his mouth. But then RJ appeared. He first transformed into Wolf Ranger and destroyed the monster with attack of the morpher. Grizzaka used the power of Zocato. He revived and enlarged Monkeywi. In the giant fight Monkeywi fought with Jungle Pride Megazord. He bit Cheetah Leg. But RJ replaced it with his new Wolf Zord. Monkeywi was destroyed by the wolf pride megazord.


Monkeywi is cunning and destructive Rinshi. He is very cunning and was powerful opponent for rangers. But he is highly faithful to Grizzaka.


Monkeywi is a large anthropomorphic white-furred monkey. He wears red and black multicolored armor with boots lined with fluffy white fur.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength-Monkeywi is an incredibly strong Rinshi Beast, being able to overpower the three main Rangers evening her Jungle Master Mode. When giant, he was anlemto restrain the Jungle Pride Megazord long enough to drills it easily.
  • Superhuman Speed-Monskeywk can run faster than the speedmof light, appearing only as a blue capable of knocking down all three Rangers.
  • Superhuman Agility-Monkeywi, being a baboon themed monster, was seen jumping and diving all over the place, at one point jumping higher than the Jungle Pride Megazord so he could restrain it.
  • Fire Blasts: Monkeywi can shoot purple fire blasts from his mouth powerful enough to cripple the Jungle Pride Megazord's Cheetah leg and injured Lilly enough to take her outmof the fight.
  • Power of Zocato-Using his abilities of Zocato, Monkeywi was easily the most powerful monster thus far in Jungle Fury.


  • Claws-Monkeywi has large red claws that he can use in combat.

Behind the Scenes


  • Monkeywi is voiced by Glenn Bullen



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