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Monitor Org is an Org Spirit that somehow acquired a video monitor and some junk,

Character history

Monitor Org rose rom the garbage and sucks people in from their monitors and takes all the people from a stadium and an office. It is destroyed by the Wild Force Megazord and the people are released. It played a part in Kite taking the Wild Zords away.

Powers and abilities.

  • Broardcasting-Monitor Org can project himself onto giant screens at will, as shown when he did this at the stadium.
  • Duplication-Monitor Org can duplicate himself dozens of times just by pressing a button on his arm which he did in the Zord fight.


  • Wires-Monitor Org can project black wires from the palms of his hand to wrap up his enemies easily.
    • Electrocution-Monitor Org can electrify these wires by pressing the same switch on his arm that he uses to duplicate. Doing so shocks the enemy and causes them pain.
  • Blade-Whilst sighting the Wild Force Megazord, Monitor Org produced a large Org blade when he went in to attack.


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