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"Oh man, I blow a fuse. What's that tinkling sound?"
―Monitor Org's final words before his destruction[src]

Monitor Org is a Monitor-themed Org, who can suck people in the monitor screens. He served Mandilok as the main antagonist of the episode "Monitoring Earth".


This Org was born from human garbage and trash on the dump, where Mandilok, Jindrax, and Toxica showed Kite human pollution. Mandilok sent him to attack Turtle Cove. The monster attacked the city and sucked people in the office and on the stadium in the monitor screens. Then he showed up, along with Mandilok, to the Power Rangers. When Taylor tried to take Kite away from the villains, Monitor Org attacked her with his wires and electrocution. Cole cut the wires. The Org again attacked the heroes with his energy blasts. Merrick attacked the villain with his Lunar Cue in Sniper Mode. Cole and Merrick combined their weapons and attacked the Org together. Then the Rangers destroyed Monitor Org with the Jungle Sword and Full Moon Slash. With the destruction of the villain, the captured people were freed. However Toxica revived and enlarged Monitor Org. The Rangers summoned their Wildzords and formed the Wild Force Megazord. The Monitor Org successfully attacked the Megazord and duplicated himself. However the Rangers finally defeated him with the Soul Cannon. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Monitoring Earth


Monitor Org was an arrogant and cunning monster, who won't stop at nothing to destroy the Power Rangers. He was shown to enjoy sucking people into TV screens and is also very cunning in his battle with the Rangers but he is loyal to Mandilok.

Powers and Abilities


  • TV Sucking: Monitor Org can suck people into monitor screens.
  • Broadcasting Monitor Org can project himself onto giant screens at will, as shown when he did this at the stadium.
  • Wire Creation: Monitor Org can project black wires from his hand to wrap up his enemies easily.
    • Electrocution: Monitor Org can electrify these wires by pressing the same switch on his arm that he uses to duplicate. Doing so shocks the enemy and causes them pain.
  • Duplication: Monitor Org can duplicate himself dozens of times just by pressing a button on his arm which he did in the Zord fight.
  • Energy Blasts: Monitor Org can fire energy blasts.
  • Summoning Weapons: Monitor Org can freely summon weapons, most notably his Org blade.


  • Sight: The Monitor Org can see although he doesn't have any visible eyes.
  • Speech: The Monitor Org can also talk although he doesn't have a visible mouth.


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  • Org Blade: Whilst fighting the Wild Force Megazord, Monitor Org used a large Org blade when he went in to attack.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Monitor Org (Wild Force) and Goldar share the same voice actor.


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