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"Get up, so I can finish you off, face to face!"

Mondo the Magician was a strange magician character alligned with Rita and Zedd, He serves as the main antagonist of the two part episode "Storybook Rangers."


Mondo was a fictional character in a book titled Grumble the Magic Elf  (or possibly, since Rita knew him, a powerful sorcerer trapped in a children's book, cursing it as a result). Mondo had put a spell on Grumble the Elf, turning him into a grouch. Rita Repulsa was an old friend of Mondo. When Kimberly, Rocky, and Tommy were trapped in the book and turned to Mondo for help, he turned them away. After the three Rangers were eventually able to escape, Rita was able to free Mondo from the book, allowing him to attack the city. He was knocked down by the White Tigerzord in Warrior Mode and was returned to the book after being struck twice by the Thunder Megazord's Thunder Saber.

Power and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Mondo the Magician was powerful enough to easily overwhelm the Thunder Megazord and it took the combined power of the Megazord and White Tigerzord to defeat him for good.
  • Pink Jagged Beams: Mondo's the Magician's signature attack where he summons pink energy bems to strike his enemies with this attack being able to wipe out the Thunder Megazord with one hit.
  • Superhuman Toughness: He was able to take two finishes of Thunder Megazord's Thunder Saber on him before being defeated.


  • Sword: Whilst giant, Mondo wielded a massive silver sword that he could use against his enemies.


  • He is the first Power Ranger monster whose Sentai counterpart is a major villain (with Shadam being the main antagonist of Dairanger).
  • The reason that Mondo, the Thunder Megazord, and the White Tigerzord never appear in the same frame is because Shadam only fought the Mythical Chi Warrior RyuseiOh (the counterpart to the Red Dragon Thunderzord.
  • Some have noted how the similarity in Mondo's voice to General Ivar from VR Troopers. They share the same voice actor who used the same kind of voice for both monsters. Mondo has been nicknamed "General Ivar the Magician" as a result.
  • He shares his name with Power Rangers Zeo villain King Mondo.

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