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"Who has dared to knock on my door this evening and disturb my beauty sleep? What do you want from Mondo?"
―Mondo the Magician’s first words when confronted by Kimberly, Tommy and Rocky at his house.[src]

"Now you have sealed your fate!"
―Mondo the Magician when the Thunder Megazord energized the Thunder Saber and his final words before being resealed.[src]

Mondo the Magician is an evil magician once affiliated with the Evil Space Aliens who served as both the central and final antagonist of the two-part episode "Storybook Rangers."

Character History

Mondo the Magician's house

Mondo the Magician is a fictional character in a children's book titled Grumble the Magic Elf who at some point came to know Rita Repulsa as an old friend. Whether he is a magician sealed within the book or just a fictional character she came to know is never made clear. Mondo the Magician puts a spell on Grumble the Elf, turning him into a grouch to sabotage his desire to give presents to children just to spite him. Sometime after this, though never shown, it is implied that he is the one to smash the crossroads sign leading to his home. When Kimberly, Tommy and Rocky are trapped in the book, they meet the enchanted Grumble and go to meet Mondo after a run-in with a Snow Monster. They eventually reach his castle where Mondo appears for the first time behind his front door. He is very angry as he was apparently asleep beforehand and refuses to help them at being evil although he pretends it is because this isn't how the story goes. As they head to the ending of the book soon after, Mondo hides behind a tree and observes them before deciding to tail them. After the three Power Rangers are eventually able to escape thanks to Aisha's artistry, Rita frees Mondo from the book in retaliation. Mondo grows giant and attacks Angel Grove as a giant to lure out the Rangers and dispose of them with traditional brute force. They summon the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord but Mondo takes out the former by blasting it with energy summoned from the environment. However, Tommy gets involved and punches down Mondo which allows the Thunder Megazord to defeat Mondo with the Thunder Saber. As the Megazord sheathes its Thunder Saber, Mondo the Magician slips to his knees and implodes. Although he survives, Mondo the Magician is sealed back inside the storybook from which he never returns. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Storybook Rangers

Mondo the Magician’s fate post-Zordon's Energy Wave is unknown but, since he was sealed away like the Orgs later on, it can be presume that he survives to today. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction


Mondo the Magician was an angry, spiteful, violent psychopath with no redeemable qualities but was friends with Rita and was willing to help her if requested. He also like to sleep and hates it when someone disturbs him while sleeping.

Power and Abilities


  • Power: Despite the full extent of his power being unknown, due to his very limited screen-time, Mondo is clearly strong since Rita considered him a good friend.
  • Durability: It took three energy slashes from the Thunder Saber to re-seal Mondo the Magician.
  • Magic: Being a self-proclaimed "magnificent magician", Mondo is very skilled when it comes to evil magic.
    • Grump Enchantment: Mondo the Magician was able to turn Grumble the Elf into a grouch using his magic.
    • Kiwi Transformation: Mondo the Magician told the Rangers and Grumble to go away or he would turn them into kiwis.
    • Fruit Transformation: When warning the Power Rangers about Mondo's territory, Grumble said that Mondo would turn them into "fuzzy green fruit."
  • Lightning Strike: Mondo is able to make white lightning strike and cause the ground to shake heavily.
  • Energy Beams: Mondo the Magician's strongest attack where he summons pink energy beams from the environment to strike his enemies with this attack being able to wipe out the Thunder Megazord with in a few hits.


  • Glowing: Mondo the Magician is able to glow as seen when we first saw him hidden behind a tree.


  • Spells can be broken.


  • Sword: Mondo the Magician wields a big sword that he can use against his enemies.
    • Dimensional Hole Opening-Mondo the Magician was able to cut a hole in the storybook world to escape through with his sword after Rita weakened the barrier.

Behind the Scenes



  • Despite his name, Mondo the Magician's design was more imperial and soldier-like in design than it was mystical.


  • No special naming conventions.


Mondo cropped by Saban.

  • Mondo the Magician was derived from Dairanger's true main antagonist Lieutenant Colonel Shadam. Shadam had a strange habit of materializing a metal mask over his face for no adequately explained reason so Saban, desperate by this point in Season 2 for any usable footage to adapt, decided to use the extremely limited amount of footage of his giant form and try to create an episode out of it.
    • Because of this, with the exception of his Zord fight, all footage of Mondo was literally still frames from Dairanger where the editors paused the footage and digitally cut and pasted him into US made footage. This is most noticable when he hides from the Rangers and Grumble since he was earlier obscured by his front door.
  • Mondo the Magician was the only monster in all three seasons of Mighty Morphin to survive.
  • Despite being the two-parters main antagonist, Mondo the Magician was not seen at all in part I and only indirectly referenced as “an evil magician” by Kimberly.
  • The reason that Mondo, the Thunder Megazord, and the White Tigerzord never appeared in the same frame is because Shadam only fought the Mythical Qi Warrior RyuseiOh which was the counterpart to the Red Dragon Thunderzord.


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