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"Align the crystals and prepare the weapon. Soon there will be no more Mariner Bay."
―Moleman to one of the Batlings as they placed the crystal that was stolen from the Yellow Ranger to the Laser Cannon.[src]

"You'll pay for ruining my plan, Ranger!!!"
―Moleman's last words.[src]

Moleman is a mole demon, who served Vypra and the primary antagonist of the episode "The Fifth Crystal".


Moleman was ordered by Vypra to build a laser cannon that will destroy Mariner Bay, as well as the Power Rangers. After Vypra stopped the car where Kelsey had the final crystal given to her by her grandmother, she summon an army of Batlings, as well as Moleman and then orders them to get the final crystal. He first traps Agent Meyers in the van and took over his body to trick Kelsey into giving him the fifth Crystal. He then went back to the hideout and ordered the Batlings to power up the cannon with the last crystal. When Kelsey appeared (who was angered by them stealing the crystal that her grandmother trusted her to protect), he ordered the Batlings to get her. As much as Kelsey tried, she was quickly outmatched and taken captive. Right before he could fire the laser, Kelsey's grandmother came to the rescue and rammed the laser cannon with her vehicle. He tried to attack her grandmother, but to no avail. The cannon exploded and all of the crystals were destroyed, He later joined in with Olympius and Loki to fight against all five Rescue Rangers. He battled Kelsey to get revenge on her for destroying the laser cannon. He had the upper hand at first, but was quickly outmatched when the Yellow Ranger equipped the V-Lancer and blasted him in the chest. Moleman was finally destroyed by the V-Lancer's Spectra-Blast (though Loki was in the blast, he manages to survive). Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Fifth Crystal


Moleman's personality is very similar to that of a scientist. He loves technology and is also highly intelligent. He was shown to be loyal to Vypra and also very intelligent with his plan to build a laser cannon to destroy Mariner Bay.

Powers and Abilities


  • Possession: Moleman can possess a body and take it over.
  • Fireballs: Moleman can shoot fireballs from his hands.
  • Heat Energy Breath: Moleman's strongest attack where he can release a red energy stream made of heat from his mouth.


  • Intelligence: Moleman is one of the more smarter demons, being able to build a large laser cannon to destroy Mariner Bay.
  • Ground Submerge: Being a mole-type monster, he can submerge underground.


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  • Claw Gauntlets: Moleman has large claw-like gauntlets on his forearms for combat.
  • Battle Staff: Moleman is also armed with a staff that aids him in combat.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Moleman's name and appearance might had been an inspiration to Molemens, mythological creatures that are humanoid mole-like monsters.
  • Like Smogger, Moleman doesn't get revived into a giant by Jinxer unlike his Japanese counterpart.
    • However the Megazord Fight was completely cut because the Tatsumi siblings' face had to be avoided.
    • Also unlike his Japanese counterpart, Moleman doesn't have a bow-like weapon, but he does however have a staff.


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