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Excavation Psyma Beast Moleghoul is a Psyma Beast under Beast Baron Cobolda

Character History

Moleghoul was originally to be used by Cobolda to capture the research of Professor Robinson, a disaster expert who came to Japan to meet with Mondo Tatsumi. However when Denus decides to take over the scheme, it sits around unused until Cobolda intervenes and abducts the professor by force. When GoGoFive regroup and try to take him back, Moleghoul tries to trap GoRed before GoBlue pulls him out of the pit and the team destroy it with the Life Bird. After Pierre resurrects it, the team finish it off quickly with Victory Robo.


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He has the ability of burrowing itself underground and trapping people within a sandpit that it creates beneath their feet.

Behind the Scenes

concept art


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  • His motifs are the ones of an antlion, sand dunes and dry landscapes
  • His name is a pun on Moguru (潜る), which means "to dive"

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