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"Okay, that was a little scary."
―Final words before his death[src]

Mog is a Rinshi that holds the Spirit of the Frog. He is an old friend of Camille. He serves as minor antagonist of the episode "Ghost of a Chance".


Mog was summoned by Camille to defeat the Power Rangers. Mog attacked Ocean Bluff, along with Camille, and encountered Rangers. Mog was weak Rinshi. Mog could create weak force field and throw little bombs. Mog was quickly defeated by Rangers on the ground. Then Mog enlarged. He was quickly defeated by Jungle Pride Megazord with Elephant Power. Mog tried to escape, by leaping, but he was reached in sky by Megazord with Bat Power and then he was eventually desyroyed by Megazord with Shark Power.


Mog was showed to be boastful and confident Rinshi. He was good friend of Camille and was enough confident to fight the Rangers. However, he underestimated the heroes and was quickly defeated.

Powers And Abilities

Frog Spirit

  • Mudball Bombs: Mog can throw his warts as though they were grenades.
  • Oily Body-Armor: Mog can produce a gelatinous liquid from his body that congeals into a powerful shield that is impervious to almost all attacks.
  • Super Jump: Mog's secret ability which allows him to leap several hundreds of meters into the air.

Behind The Scenes



  • Mog possess a big similarity to Toady, both in appearance and fight style.
  • Mog is the first Rinshi, that doesn't possess simple Dai Rinshi form, only Rinshi Beast.
  • Mog is the first monster, that was defeated in the beginning of the episode.

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