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Mochibetori (モチベトリ, Mochibetori, 37): Mochibetori is an Ayakashi serving under Akumaro, armed with the Shirahani Sukibanomata (白埴鋤歯叉, White-Clay Spade Teeth Fork). His attack is the Mochi Pellet (もちつぶて, Mochi Tsubute), which allows him to bind his opponents. After using his ability to bind Chiaki to Ryunosuke, he trapped the other Shinkengers. As he was about to finish them, Chiaki and Ryunosuke stepped in after learning to cooperate, sending him into the air with the Wood Spear and finishing him off with a shot from the Water Arrow, causing the binding to dissolve. His second life is destroyed by Mougyudaioh. He is the basis of the Betobeto-san (べとべとさん) of Japanese myth.


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