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The Mobile Fortress Navarone (移動要塞ナバローン Idō Yōsai Nabarōn) is a base of the Black Cross Army controlled by Volcano Mask General Magman. It is a fortress that can travel anywhere via the underground, rising up like a volcano before revealing its fortress capabilities, including cannons and launch pads for the Condoler fleet.
Go-vi-guns of navarone

Mobile Fortress Navarone

During a raid by the Gorengers, the team discovers that while the fortress appears invincible, it actually has three specific weak points which, when hit, would finally allow it to tumble. In a final raid on the fortress, Akarenger, Aorenger and Midorenger sacrifice their Gorenger Machines to strike all three points, destroying Navarone permanently and leaving Magman open to be defeated.Ep. 54: Crimson Challenge! Fire Mountain's Last Big Eruption


  • The name of the fortress is in reference to the fictional island from the 1957 novel The Guns of Navarone and the 1961 film adaptation; both based on a Greek island fortress controlled by the Axis during World War II.
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