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""Who are we?"
"We are the Battobas Monster Corps!"
"Who's on the verge of tears?"
"Who'll be the winner in the end?"
"We will!""
―Chapter 48: Moak's End[src]

Mizziles (ミザルス) is a missile-themed Majin.

Character History

The final member of the Battobas Special Squad. Mizziles was put in charge to shoot a missile containing the Extreme Growth Extract to the Earth Beast.

As the Extreme Growth Extract within the earth was weakening the Gingamen due to their connection to the Earth, they were unable to do anything. Following Wisdom Tree Moak's sacrifice, they stop Mizzles by driving the Earth Beast off with their upgraded Beast Attack Rods. An angry Mizziles tries to fight the Gingamen but they defeat him with the Galeo Pulsar. As a giant Mizzles tries to blow up GingaiOh with him by detonating the large missile on his back. He is killed by Gingaioh after being thrashed and restrained by GigaPhoenix just as the missile goes off.


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Modus and Arsenal

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  • He's the only monster in Battobas Majin Corps not to battle Super Armor Shine GingaiOh
    • He’s also the first monster since Tagredor to be killed by Gingaioh's Galaxy Beast King Cut.
  • Mizziles is the final member of the Battobas Majin Corps and the overall final monster of Space Pirate Balban

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Behind the Scenes

  • Missiles's suit is a rebuilt and modified version of Bazookas' suit.


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