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―Mizuki Kido

Mizuki Kido (9) was a dear friend of Matsuri Tatsumi.


An official member of the Capital City paramedics crop alongside Matsuri, she was hurt in an accident during a rescue. Though she had surgery to make her legs working, her mental confidence was shattered and she could not bring herself to walk on them any further. No matter how much Matsuri went to the hospital to help her regain that confidence to walk, Mizuki believed she couldn't do it.

Everything changed on the day where the Psyma Beast Vampaira was sent to Earth on a scheme to steal abilities from people and objects to use for destruction. During an attack, the Psyma Beast attacks Matsuri stealing her "abilities", but Mizuki gets her hands on the crystal which possessed her friend's abilities and absorbs them in herself. The power gives Mizuki Matsuri's "abilities" as GoPink as well as allows her to walk once again but she wasn't "literally" GoPink due to Matsuri's Go Brace only working for her, thus preventing anyone else from using her Anti-Hazard Suit.

Even with Matsuri's "abilities", Mizuki can't bring herself to have the confidence to use them, especially with them belonging to her friend. However with the confidence of the female Tatsumi, she is given the team jacket and a Five Laser and joins with the GoGoFive males for several attacks, including a Brothership Attack that she uses against Vampaira. When the Psyma Beast uses its power stealing ability again, Mizuki deliberately gets in the way allowing for Matsuri to retake her abilities and become GoPink once again.

After Vampaira is dealt with, Mizuki finally has the confidence to start trying to walk once again, hoping to someday return to the paramedic corp with her friend.

GoPink (powers only)