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Mizuki Kakihara is a minor character in Mashin Sentai Kiramager. She is a classmate of Juru Atsuta who first appears in Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO.

Character History

Mizuki is a student at Hikarigamine High School. She is shown to be fascinated in Juru's drawing, but gets angry and walks out of the classroom when he shows her his drawing of her, which looks quite unflattering. She pretends to be a cheerful perfect student but has a colder personality. Later, when she and Juuru are stuck together by Glue Jamen, he reveals to her that the drawing was intended to depict the good to her hidden side, which enabled her to get things done. She later returns the favor by drawing a picture of Juuru, similarly crudely drawn, but with added sparkles showing his own hidden side.

Knowing Juru Atsuta's identity

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Mizuki ended up in supplementary class along with Juru and 2 other classmates. However, Juru recieves an emergency call through his Kiramei Changer which prompted him to help his team. This in turn prompted Mizuki to personally witness his potential private face. Upon being stuck with Juru as Kiramei Red, she was brought to CARAT. She's amazed by the fact that the Kirameigers are famous figues based on their talents alone, which probe her in asking Kiramei Red to reveal his face. However, Takamichi's arrival and questioning of the situation results in Juru being exposed, much to her apparent shock. Episode 20: Dangerous Pair

Behind the Scenes


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  • It is unknown how truthful her fascination with Juru's drawing is, as she is seen talking to her friends about how weird he is and how bored she feels at the moment.
    • In episode 20, it is confirmed her fascination with Juru was fake, as she states how lame she considered him to be. Her opinion of him genuinely changes through the episode, after bonding with him during their time stuck together, after being rescued by him and discovering his identity. Her opinion of him changed to the point she faked being stuck to him still in order to hold his hand a little longer.



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