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―Mizogu of the Clump reacting to the Gosei Buster and his final words before his death.[src]

Mizogu of the Clump (塊のミゾーグ Katamari no Mizōgu) is a Brasca Alien (ベラスカ星人 Berasuka Seijin) who works for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar.

Character History

Mizogu was sent down by Mons Drake to destroy the Earth and deal with the dissident Gosei Angels which were causing problems to the Warstar forces. Using his ball-creating ability, he is able to capture the four Gosei Angels already directly fighting him even as Alata tries to help Nozomu Amachi get over his own fears and shyness. Once Nozomu stands up to the creature, he gives Alata back his lost Tensou card which allows for him to rescue his teammates and fight together as a team against the invader. After facing down his attacks, the Goseiger destroy Mizogu with the Gosei Buster.


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  • His main ability involves the creation of large boulder-like orbs which he creates by creating clutter from destroying objects (like skyscrapers) and rolling up into large balls. The balls continue to roll picking up any objects, including living beings, within them and can also be used for offensive attacks. He can also take the clutter he creates within the holes in his body and discharge them to attack with as projectiles.

Behind the Scenes



  • Movie Reference: Mizogu's name is from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (未知との遭遇 Michi to no Sōgū).
    • His ability of molding orbs is similar to main character Roy Neary sculpting statues out of mashed potatoes after his first encounter with aliens, ultimately leading him to encountering them at Devil's Tower.
  • Mizogu is modeled after a scarab.
    • His home planet "Brasca" (ベラスカ) is "Scarab" (スカラベ) scrambled.
  • His name and ability to roll objects up into a ball is reminiscent of the game Katamari Damacy.
  • While Mizogu is the first Universal Insect Monster to appear in the series, he is chronologically not the first to attack Earth, as Kurasuniigo of 5000°C went down to Earth prior to Dereputa destroying the Tower of Heaven.

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