This article is about a/an ally in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Miyu (未夢 Miyu, 38): A mysterious girl who claims to have been kissed and hugged by Souta and wants him to be with her, Souta doesn't remember even knowing her but she insists that he was very kind to her. It's later revealed that she is actually a cat which by means of a piece of "The Rainbow Cloth", transformed into a human in order to thank Souta for helping her fix her leg. When Shizuka used that same Precious to transform in Super Shizuka, Miyu, as a cat, sniffed the part of the cloth she had ripped off, consequently finding Super Shizuka's weak spot and allowing the Boukengers to defeat her. She was adopted by Souta after returning to her true form. Portrayed by Mizuho Hata (秦 みずほ Hata Mizuho).


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