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Miwa Tomasu is Houji Tomasu's younger sister.

Character History

Miwa was first seen in episode 42 stopping in front of the Machine Doberman to convince Hoji to go to her wedding which he refuses, she then drives off in her motorcycle saddened, she's later seen at her wedding for Hoji, later that night, Hoji goes to the wedding but it's already over when he hears Miwa shouting out his name. 

She's later seen in episode 43 where she is seen with Hoji shopping and later seen sitting at a swing set talking to Hoji about why he's so strict with Ban before he is forced to leave to deal with a Alienizer.

Her last mention is in episode 44 where Hoji is seen buying a Christmas present for her.


She is portrayed by Kaori Ikeda.


  • She seems to spout English phases, a trait she seems to share with Hoji.
    • In episode 42, she says 'Unbelievable', a phrase commonly used by Hoji.
  • She works as a pizza delivery girl.


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