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Mitsuki Aoyagi (青柳 美月 Aoyagi Mitsuki) is the cynical AkibaBlue (アキバブルー AkibaBurū) of the Akibarangers.


She was invited to become an Akibaranger because she wanted to excel in karate. At first, she barely had any interest in being an Akibaranger, until she donned her AkibaBlue suit. She's a very serious person, but for some reason, there’s a bear on her AkibaBlue panties. She’s actually a big fan of Aoi.

She can be insensitive and harsh, especially with Nobuo Akagi. She is quite reluctant when transforming and doing a roll call (until training with Sentai stunt veteran Kazuo Niibori), as well as being nowhere near as knowledgeable in Otaku culture as her other teammates are.

Season Two

Mitsuki as she appears in Season Two's altered version of the latter half of the first season.

Season 2 began with a retcon of the events of the latter half of Season 1, changing the continuity so that it was Aoyagi, not Nobuo, who was scouted by the Pentagon. While shown to have resisted at first, unlike Nobuo, she eventually conceded and accepted their offer, leaving the team shortly before the second season. Though the Akibarangers eventually came to realize that this was again the work of Hatte Saburo, they did not attempt to reverse the situation, and Aoyagi presumably continues to work at the Pentagon.



Akibaranger costume


  • 4th Wall Awareness: As one of the Akibarangers, Mitsuki has a medium awareness of the fact that her universe is inside a TV show and she can potentially use this to act in otherwise impossible ways within her universe.
  • Martial Arts: As she was raised in a dojo, Mitsuki is trained in martial arts.

Behind the scenes


Mitsuki Aoyagi is played by Kyoko Hinami (日南 響子 Hinami Kyōko). As AkibaBlue, her suit actor is Haruka Oshima (大島 遥 Ōshima Haruka).

Sentai notes


  • Mitsuki is the only Akibaranger whose power was not used by someone else in the first season (Yumeria's was used by a delusion of her mother and Akagi's was used by Takumi). She is nevertheless imitated once by ©Na and is the only Akibaranger to not return for the second season.

Ranger Key

The Season 1 AkibaBlue Ranger Key

The AkibaBlue Ranger Key (アキバブルーキー AkibaBurū Kī) is an Akibaranger Ranger Key which is part of the Akibaranger prototype Ranger Keys. It only exists as a toy and it is unknown if it will appear in the series. Of course as with all Ranger Keys, should it exist, it would be able to transform one, i.e. Gokai Blue, into AkibaBlue.


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