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Mitsuhiko Kanna

Mitsuhiko Kanna has only appeared in Brave 30. He was a snobbish rich man who was full of himself, proclaiming that he "stood in the center of the world", and had an infatuation with Amy who happened to have Stymero's Secret Stone. He would only give it up if the Kyoryugers won the scavenger hunt/laser tag game on his property in exchange for Amy's hand in marriage, thinking that Souji was "competition".

However, Kanna is a cheater, and he made it so that the Secret Stone was the 3rd place prize (a fact Ian and Daigo found out when they found the first and second place prize boxes). Since Kanna had memorized the boxes' locations, he picked it up so that the Kyoryugers would lose, and had a line of guards take out Souji from the game.

But the Slashing Hero was not to be deterred, and had defeated all the guards Kanna had sent his way. When Souji had asked for the box from Kanna, he instead knocked Souji out of the competition. Seconds later, karma reared its head onto Kanna as Debo Zaihodoron attack, destroying the counter on Kanna's chest, knocking him out of the competition.

When Debo Zaihodoron attempted to attack Kanna, Souji protected him, followed by Amy, shocking Kanna with her strength.

As thanks, Kanna pulled Amy aside to give her the box with the 3rd place prize ticket inside.

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