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Mitch is a reporter who is a photographer, the only one daring enough to take photographs of the Power Rangers. He takes the pictures back to his boss who asks him to give him pictures of the Rangers unmorphed. He goes to Nick of Time and hires Katie Walker to help him with his equipment. Katie is surprised that Mitch's job is to find the Rangers unmorphed. Then there is a call over the radio about a Mutant attack both of them rush to the scene. Both of them take pictures of Artillicon battling the Rangers.


While Mitch is taking pictures, Katie sneaks away to join the others. She warns them to not power down due to Mitch's job to find out their true identities. During a later battle they are forced to power down which unknown to them and Katie that he takes their pictures. Katie tries to convince Mitch not to publish those pictures, but ignores her pleas. Then Artillicon attacks the office with Mitch trapped in the elevator until Katie saves him. Then later on he goes back to Nick of Time to apologize to Katie and the Rangers and hands over the photos to them while telling them that he quit his job to take pictures of animals.


  • Unlike his Super Sentai counterpart, Mitch is a one-time character that only appeared for one episode instead of being a recurring character.

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