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Mister Voice (ミスター・ボイス Misutā Boisu) is in charge of the Boukengers, serving as the avatar that relayed all of their missions.


In charge of the Boukengers, Mister Voice was heard and not seen. He appears to the Boukengers, via a 3-piece computer screen in the SGS base, as a computer-generated white, cone-shaped mustached face with two stick-like arms. Though Mister Voice reveals missions to the Boukenger team, the team can also contact him for support. He is always strict with the Boukengers, making sure they do not disobey orders given to them, despite the numerous times they have done so. His true age and identity are unknown until in Task 49.

It is revealed that Mister Voice's true identity is a young mysterious girl who was introduced in Tasks 47-48 and helped Masumi get rid of his problems while keeping the Brain of Gordom away from Desperado. She assumes the identity of Mr. Voice by using a computer program which controls her avatar's physical emotions and words.

It was eventually revealed in the epilogue chapter of the Boukenger reference guide-book that the young mysterious girl was none other than Leon Giordana, whom with the use of alchemy had transplanted his soul into different bodies throughout the centuries. With his accumulated wealth and knowledge on Precious and new identity, Giordana created the SGS and encouraged the development of the Parallel Engines and recruitment of adventurers to collect all the Precious possible to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.



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