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Mission to Secret City is the thirty-eighth episode of Power Rangers In Space. It is the first of the two-part Secret City arc. It marks the debut of Andros' Red Battlizer, the first in Power Rangers history.


Astronema creates the domed Secret City, where her latest monster Vacsacker teleports captives to (including Bulk, Skull, Professor Phenomenus, Carlos, Andros, and Silvy) so they can be turned into her evil soldiers. While Ashley, T.J., and Cassie plan a rescue mission, Andros unleashes the true power of his Battlizer with help from Silvy.


Late in the night, Cassie picks up a faint energy reading in the warehouse district, causing her, Andros, and T.J. to investigate. They find nothing, much to their confusion, only for Cassie to feel a cold breeze go right through her. Unknown to them, the breeze was from the ghosts of the Psycho Rangers, unable to physically attack them due to their spectral forms. As the trio leave, Psycho Red swears he will destroy Andros no matter what.

The next day, the Rangers have lunch in Angel Grove, with Silvy joining them, and Ashley shows Andros how to use chopsticks after the latter struggles to eat his takeout. Carlos takes Andros and Silvy to get some more food, just as Vacksaker teleports into the city. Vacksaker causes the people to run away in fear, but Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus confront him. Bulk holds what he assumes is a blaster, only for Professor Phenomenus to reveal that its his toaster, much to the former’s annoyance. Vacksaker teleports the trio to an unknown location with his blaster before doing the same to the other citizens. Andros and Carlos see Vacksaker and run away with Silvy, only for them to get beamed as well. The other Rangers see this and retreat the area to morph. They confront Vacksaker, but while he blasts at them with his ray, he only teleports the citizens and not themselves. Ashley realizes that their suits protected them from the attack, but Vacksaker fights back with brute strength before leaving, saying he has other business to attend.

Meanwhile, Andros, Carlos, and Silvy have teleported to a mysterious area inside a forcefield, only to be confronted by Ecliptor and a squad of Quantrons. Ecliptor welcomes them to Secret City as the Quantrons apprehend the citizens as Astronema’s prisoners. Andros and Carlos hide Silvy, but when they try to morph, they find the signal to be blocked. They fight the Quantrons unmorphed as Silvy watches on, but they are outnumbered and overpowered as Andros’ Battlizer is knocked off his wrist. Carlos and Andros are taken away as Silvy collects Andros’ Battlizer before she is captured as well. As the Quantrons lead the prisoners, Silvy pulls Carlos aside and gives him the Battlizer, asking if Andros is a Ranger like him.

Back on the Astro Megaship, the others try to look for the citizens, and Ashley finds Andros and Carlos inside Secret City. They see forcefield and how an antenna controls it, believing that if they destroy the antenna, then the forcefield will be down. Also, T.J. has an idea how to get inside, and Alpha 6 gives the trio equipment to use so they could still fight even with their powers blocked by the forcefield. The trio returns to Angel Grove and see Vacksaker attacking civilians, getting themselves teleported to Secret City. Once there, the Rangers pull out the Astro Blasters and fight off the Quantrons before heading off to the antenna. As the Quantrons chase them, the trio make their way to the location, Ashley staying behind to give T.J. and Cassie some ground.

Meanwhile, Ecliptor orders three Quantrons to come with him as Carlos leads Andros and Silvy away to a secret location. Carlos hands Andros back the Battlizer along with the news that Silvy knows they are Power Rangers, though she promises she would not tell. Andros test the Battlizer to see if it still works, knowing that the first two functions would be enough to get them out of here. However, Andros expresses reluctance over using the third function as he never tried it before, and it could be too dangerous for him to handle. Fortunately, the Battlizer still works, and Andros frees himself and Carlos, fighting off the Quantrons.

Elsewhere, the other Rangers fight of the Quantrons guarding the antenna as T.J. and Cassie set the charges up. However, they are soon overrun by Quantrons and are tossed off the roof, hanging off from the bars. With no other choice, T.J. sets off the explosives and destroys the antenna, causing the forcefield to fall. Andros and Carlos are confronted by Vacksaker, who blasts the latter when he saves his friend. Andros tries to fight with the Battlizer, but it is not enough as Vacksaker tosses him aside. Vacksaker boasts how he will destroy the two as Andros is on the ground from the fight. Unknown to Andros, Silvy followed them and decides to activate the third function on his Battlizer. Although the process causes Andros to stand in pain, he is able to morph into a more armored version of his Red Ranger suit, complete with a jetpack. Andros sees  T.J. and Cassie about to fall and manages to fly up and save them from falling.

The Rangers regroup as they are amazed by Andros’ new Battilizer Mode, and he protects the others with a Battilizer Shield. He then fires the Battlizer missiles at Vacksaker, knocking him down. With the forcefield down, the others are able to morph and fight off Vacksaker, while Andros fights the Quantrons. He rids them of their weapons with his magnet band and strikes them down with the Spiral Saber. Turning his attention to Vacksaker, Andros flies up and launches another set of Battilzer missiles at the monster, destroying him.

Andros regroups with the others, reverting back to his original Ranger form as they are impressed with the Battlizer Mode’s firepower. Silvy runs up to the Rangers as Andros thanks her for the help. Seeing the events from the Dark Fortress, Astronema refuses to let the Rangers conquer Secret City as she plans to use the prisoners as part of her new army. She has Ecliptor fire a Satellaser at Vacksaker, growing the monster as Andros sends Silvy away to safety. The Rangers summon the Mega Voyager to take on Vacksaker, managing to overpower him before using the Mega V3 Missile to finish the job. After Vacksaker’s destruction, the Rangers go to the main tower, but Astronema has Secret City teleported away before they could get to it. Astronema refuses to let the Rangers ruin her plan as the ghosts of the Psycho Rangers declare that they will find a way to return.


VHS/DVD Release

  • This episode was released on the U.S. VHS Power Rangers: Red Alert, as well as the UK VHS Power Rangers: Mission to the Secret City.



  • Andros and Carlos realized they couldn't morph after opening their Astro Morphers , however neither of them had attempted to enter the morphing code.
  • Just after Vacsacker "captures" Ashley, TJ and Cassie, someone can be seen walking towards Vacsacker in the shadows.
  • Carlos says that they'll give Vacsacker a "taste of his own medicine" before firing Mega Voyager's chest lasers, however Vacsacker had never been shown blasting anyone.


  • First appearance of a Battlizer powerup.
  • First appearance of the Secret City.
  • All of the Psycho Rangers have become ghosts and will return to normal in the following episode.

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