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Mission to Secret City is the thirty-eighth episode of Power Rangers In Space. It is the first of the two-part Secret City arc. It marks the debut of Andros' Red Battlizer, the first in Power Rangers history.


Astronema creates the domed Secret City, where her latest monster Vacsacker teleports captives to (including Bulk, Skull, Professor Phenomenus, Carlos, Andros, and Silvy) so they can be turned into her evil soldiers. While Ashley, T.J., and Cassie plan a rescue mission, Andros unleashes the true power of his Battlizer with help from Silvy.


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VHS/DVD Release

  • This episode was released on the U.S. VHS Power Rangers: Red Alert, as well as the UK VHS Power Rangers: Mission to the Secret City.



  • Andros and Carlos realized they couldn't morph after opening their Astro Morphers , however neither of them had attempted to enter the morphing code.
  • Just after Vacsacker "captures" Ashley, TJ and Cassie, someone can be seen walking towards Vacsacker in the shadows.
  • Carlos says that they'll give Vacsacker a "taste of his own medicine" before firing Mega Voyager's chest lasers, however Vacsacker had never been shown blasting anyone.


  • First appearance of a Battlizer powerup.
  • First appearance of the Secret City.
  • All of the Psycho Rangers have become ghosts and will return to normal in the following episode.

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