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Mission 40: Suffering J. and the Messiahloid (カブるJとメサイアロイド Kaburu Jei to Mesaiaroido) is the 40th episode of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. It features the debut of the Enter Unite.


As Escape searches for a Messiah card with Parabolaloid 2, J. suddenly attacks the Go-Busters without warning while Masato's real body begins to dissolve.


While revealing the events of how the Megazords are still being teleported, the Go-Busters learn that subspace is becoming unstable. When Escape creates Parabolaloid 2 in the Banshu District to help her find the remaining Messiah Cards, the Go-Busters are alerted to the Megazord appearing within two minutes. As Go-Buster Ace and Go-Buster Lioh take out Parabolazord 2, Escape is confronted by Enter as he is revealed to have absorbed a Messiah Card before Parabolaloid 2 leaves to find the Messiah Card he detects in the Kakino District. However, upon finding it, Messiah Card 07 infects Parabolaloid 2 and upgrades him into a pseudo-Messiah Metaloid. The Go-Buster fight Parabolaloid 2 before J comes to the possessed Metaloid's aid. As Kuroki talks to Masato of the turn of events, J attempts to take the Messiah Card from Parabolaloid 2 by force. The fight attracting the attention of the Go-Busters as they arrive, forced to conjure Masato's avatar, J reveals that Masato's transport in subspace was incomplete with some of his data absorbed by Messiah and it's now backed up into the Messiah Card 07. Realizing that J is acting to have him fully return to his world, Masato beats sense into him while telling him that he'll think of a way to return without his data. Joining the Go-Busters, Beet Buster and Stag Buster hold Parabolaloid 2 at bay as the Go-Busters assume Powered Custom to finish the Messiah Metaloid off. However, Enter arrives and reveals his Enter Unite form. Defeating the Go-Busters, Enter proceeds to extract the Messiah Card from Parabolaloid 2 before leaving the downgraded Metaloid to be easily destroyed. Later, the Go-Busters talk about Masato's resolve and Jay's loyalty to Masato.


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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Volume 10 features episodes 37-40: Mission 37: The Black and White Brides, Mission 38: Event! Ace Deathmatch, Mission 39: Finishing Blow! Messiah's Fist and Mission 40: Suffering J. and the Messiahloid. [1]

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