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Mission 36: Go-Buster Lioh, Shoom! (ゴ―バスターライオー ガギーン Gobasutaraio Gagin!) is the thirty-sixth episode of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. It is a Buddyroid-focus episode which features the debut of Go-Buster Lioh, the combination of GT-02 and RH-03 with LT-06, taking the place of CB-01 in Go-BusterOh.


To request of better treatment, the Buddyroids go on strike. This puts the use of Powered Custom in jeopardy, as it requires the Go-Busters and Buddyroids to synchronize. What will the Go-Busters do?!


The Buddyloids finished their maintenance, after the Go-Busters were dealing with Escape when she picked a fight to see their Powered Custom abilities firsthand, and talking about something to do with their partners. But when Ryuji and Yoko shirk them off, Usada Lettuce and Gorisaki Banana jump the gun that Tategami Lioh is getting better treatment than them.

They then form a Buddyloid Workers' Union to discuss the matter, with Cheeda Nick purposely getting Beet J. Stag involved on the hopes of sabotaging the movement. But when their demands are refused, Jay advices Usada and Gorisaki to go on strike. This complicates things as the Lio Attache alerts to Messiah Card 05 creating Bulldozerloid in the Sagami district, revealing it to be more helpful than the Buddyloids at the moment. This forces Gorisaki and Usada to steal the Lio Attache with Nick sent after them while the Go-Busters deal with Bulldozerloid. But when the Messiah Metaloid overpowers them, the Go-Busters learn they cannot use use Powered Custom.

At that time, not coming to Hiromu's aid in order to talk sense in Usada and Gorisaki, Nick convinces them that Tategami Lioh is lonely and they should be friends with it as the Lio Attache warns them that Ryuji and Yoko's weak points are taking effect. Arriving with their well being their utmost concern, Usada and Gorisaki make up with their partners before the Go-Busters assume their Powered Custom modes as Escape arrives. While the others deal with Bulldozerloid, Blue Buster deals with Escape before forcing to fall back her weapons are destroyed and her data damaged. But when Bulldozerloid proves too durable to be defeated in unarmed combat, Red Buster uses the Lio Attache's Lio Blaster mode to finish the Messiah Metaloid off as the Bulldozerzord appears with Ryuji asking permission for the GT-02 and the RH-03 to deployed with Tategami Lioh to form Go-Buster Lioh to destroy the Type Delta Megazord. Soon after, as Masato beats Jay for causing the strike, Ryuji and Yoko apologize to their Buddyloids as Nick is down in the dumps when he is being left out of the moment after what Usada and Gorisaki put him through.


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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Volume 9 features episodes 33-36: Mission 33: Morphin'! Powered Custom, Mission 34: BeetBuster Is the Enemy?!, Mission 35: Roar, TategamiRaiOh! and Mission 36: Go-BusterRaiOh Gakiin!. [1]

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