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Missile Crayfish (ミサイルザリガニ Misairuzarigani, 34) is a Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, combine attributes of a missile and a crayfish.

Character History

Missile Crayfish is the first Mechaevolution Beast, created in General Kar's updated Progresser by fusing a crayfish and a missile. At his order, the being attacks the city freezing people and objects in place with the shock of its missile and drawing out the Dynaman for combat. When the Dynaman are hit by its missile, they are frozen until they exert most of their energy just to get free. However when the team tries to use Super Dynamite, it does not work one bit, leaving the team winded and defeated.

However even with people hiding in fear from the power of Missile Crayfish, Dan realizes that he has to go back out due to a camping trip with Doctor Yumeno's watched children that he went out with prior to the crisis. When he tries to reach them at first using the DynaFalcon, Missile Crayfish's missile ends up being faster and knocks him off the bike, forcing him to hide underwater until the threat was gone. After analyizing the initial data, Dan comes up with another strategy to finally reach Missile Crayfish: using a combination of the DynaFalcon and DynaRed's Mach Dash, he moves fast enough to finally avoid the missile and reach Missile Crayfish. The Mechavolution Beast launches an all out assault; partially blocked by DynaBlue's Surfing Jet. With no other means to stop it, the Dynaman simultaneously use Dyna Jump when it fires a missile and hide behind it before leaping out of the way, destroying the Mechavolution Beast.

After Kar uses the Big Bang Beam to reassemble and grow Missile Crayfish, it ends up withstanding DynaRobo's moves at first until they throw their spiked Fire Dragon ball at it, disabling it long enough to be destroyed by Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Missile Crayfish's metallic body allows for him to hold amazing defensive strength; while his body is equipped with multiple guns and a missile launcher. These attacking three missiles on his back are supremely fast and are powerful enough to freeze anyone in place who has been hit by them, preventing them from moving without massive exertion. He also has pincer claws for hands, a machine gun on each wrist, and shoulder missiles.



Concept art


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Behind the Scenes

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