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Miss you is an acoustic song performed by Hidenori Tokuyama in his role of Hiroto Sutou/Go-on Gold. It was used in the episode GP 31: Idol Debut.

  • Artist: Hidenori Tokuyama (徳山秀典 Tokuyama Hidenori)
  • Lyrics & Composition: Hidenori Tokuyama
  • Arranger: MOKU

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Machi no akari ga sotto
Yasashiku tsuki wo tsutsun de yuku
Te wo nobashite
Sabishi sou na egao
Ima wa itoshikute

Modoreru nara mou
Hanashi wa shinai

Itsu demo sugu chikaku ni

Kimi no koe de sonote de
I miss you, say again,
I love you

The city lights shine softly
And hide the gentle moon
I reach out towards
That lonely smile
This moment is so pure

If I return
I won't leave you

Don't forget
I'll always be by your side

So let me hear you say
I miss you, say again,
I love you

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