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Misa Yamaguchi (山口 美佐 Yamaguchi Misa): The Turborangers' homeroom teacher. Her subject is math. A gentle and well-liked teacher, the five Turborangers are not in her good graces for how often they shirk their classes and extracurricular activities to take part in fighting (although it is unknown to her why they are always absent).

She dislikes Doctor Dazai, believing he plays a part in corrupting the five. She is a fan of sumo wrestling..She is a nature lover and when she saw Grueling Boma she was very scared due to his appearance. She has a younger sister named Mika who studies martial arts. She finds out about the five's secret lives as Turborangers in the finale, boarding Turbo Base to give them words of inspiration.

Behind the scenes


She is portrayed by Kyoko Takami. As a child, she was portrayed by Miho Nakano (中野美穂 Nakano Miho).


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