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Mirror Mask

Mirror Mask.

Mirror Mask (鏡仮面 Kagami Kamen, 15 & 16) is the second of Black Cross General Sun Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

After the defeat of Rainbow Mask, a voice was heard when the Black Cross Führer ordered someone to join forces with Sun Halo Mask to defeat the Gorengers. Then when Sun Halo Mask ducked it reveals Mirror Mask when his two mirror doors opened. Ep. 15: The Big Blue Fortress! Big Raging Variblune

Mirror Mask was to be used as part of a scheme by Sun Halo Mask to storm and destroy five EAGLE bases in Kanto, which were believed to be needed to secure dominance. However when the Black Cross Führer asked him to figure a way to use him to defeat the Gorengers, the general uses Mirror Mask's abilities in a scheme to split them up. Using his mirror powers, he creates strange illusions starting with an eye in a mirror to drive Momorenger insane, appearing only to her and making the others on the team think she is losing her mind and forcing her to relax. At one point she destroys one of the three mirrors, but he later fixes it and places a bandage over it to keep using it effectively. The visions continue until Peggy ends up falling into a pool at a resort she was staying in, nearly drowning until Kenji pulls her out, saving her life. However without Momorenger, the team had no means of summoning Gorenger Storm and allowed for him and Sun Halo Mask to start their EAGLE destruction operation.

The Gorengers are forced to defend the EAGLE bases as Mirror Mask and Sun Halo Mask rampage through them even without Peggy around. However, Momorenger finally does return, using her Momo Mirror to create a blast of light so bright that it blinds Mirror Mask forcing him to close his mirrors. Seeing his former comrade as ineffective and trouble, Sun Halo Mask abandons him to be destroyed by the Gorenger Storm; in the wreckage of his death remained only a shattered mirror and a small eye within it, the source of the eye in the mirror. Ep. 16: White Weirdness! The Eye in the Mirror


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Modus and Arsenal

Mirror Mask's main ability involves using mirrors to create strange illusions, many of which can seem real to the one who it is being cast upon although he usually appears as an eye. He can also turn into a mirror, use his three mirrors to reflect sunlight both to flash or to fire a beam at enemies, jump high, and is equipped with a bladed staff that can be used like a boomerang. The most power of with is used alongside a beam fired by Sun Halo Mask in a dual attack.



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Behind the Scenes

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