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"Ah ha ha ha! A whole city to destroy and not a Power Ranger in sight. Ah ha ha ha ha! Oh, this is going to reflect well on me! Now, I think I'll start with...that one!"
―The Mirror Maniac's first words upon returning to Earth and blasting a building in Angel Grove with some kind of ray.[src]

"Ah ha ha ha ha! It's...showtime!"
―The Mirror Maniac upon being enlarged.[src]

"What?! Impossible! You should be cinders by now! Time to put a finish to you!"
―The Mirror Maniac after the Thunder Megazord was completely unfazed by his energy blasts and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Mirror broken

Mirror Maniac was a mirror monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Beauty and the Beast."

Character History

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After Goldar kidnaps Kimberly to be Lord Zedd's wife, Mirror Maniac is created by Lord Zedd from the small mirror that Tommy gave as a gift to Kimberly which she had dropped upon being ambushed. Mirror Maniac is assigned to destroy the other Power Rangers since they are now one Ranger down although he does not actually do anything until after Billy and Trini rescue Kimberly at which point Zedd begins metaphorically foaming at the mouth and has Mirror Maniac return to Earth. He first appears in a random street and is excited to impress Zedd before making a building shake and going to the park to cause more chaos. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers regroup at Angel Grove Park where they have since been joined by Jason who had been with his uncle at Bass Lake. They confront the monster but he summons Putties to aid him and Zedd uses a Growth Bomb to enlarge him after they are defeated, apparently smashing the mirror on his front in the process. Despite that, he is unfazed and proudly proclaims that it is "showtime" so the Rangers summon the Thunderzords to form the Thunder Megazord. It confronts Mirror Maniac in the city who is impressed that they "brought their toys" to fight him with before the Megazord advances. The monster fires a massive energy sphere but the Megazord is unfazed and just walks right through all of the resulting individual explosions. Enraged, he charges at it to try and melee it into oblivion but is overpowered by two slashes from the Thunder Saber and then finished off with its triple energy slash. Upon being hit them, he spins on his axis and falls on his face before exploding. After his destruction, the mirror reforms in Angel Grove Park


Mirror Maniac was cunning but also somewhat cocky though he was shown to be very faithful to Zedd and was brave enough to fearlessly fight the Thunder Megazord with his bare hands. He was fun loving and spent a lot of time laughing with joy although he was quick to anger which led him to be reckless and launch himself at the Thunder Megazord which led to his demise.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mirror Wave: Mirror Maniac was able to gesture his arms and fire blue energy waves out of his mirror face. He did this to a building but what this actually did is completely unclear.
  • Mirror Energy Blast: Mirror Maniac's signature attack where he charged up the mirror on his face with rainbow-white energy and transferred it into his hands, forming an energy sphere which he would then throw forth. This attack caused large explosions but had no effect on the Thunder Megazord.


  • Z-Putty Summoning: Mirror Maniac was able to summon Zedd's special brand of Putties to aid him in battle.


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  • Fists: Mirror Maniac had no weapons of his own but had large balled fists to try and bash his enemies with.

Behind the Scenes


  • Just like many other characters, Mirror Maniac was voiced by Tom Wyner.


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  • Like the Mantis before him, Mirror Maniac has become rather infamous in the fandom for his extremely lazy design since he was literally just a mirror with arms and legs.
  • Mirror Maniac is well known and infamous for being the first in a trend of Season 2 monsters who never physically fought the Rangers and prance around off-screen whilst pretending to react to them until Zedd made them grow.
    • Mirror Maniac is also infamous for being the first monster to never launch an attack at the Power Rangers whilst normal sized and just summoned Putties before being grown. Even Pipebrain tried to attack Jason with his pipe-tentacles and Trumpet Top was not supposed to be the one attacking the Rangers.
      • Both of these elements were due to Saban deciding to pass over the Dairangers' suits in favor of the Zyurangers for branding purposes.
  • In Dairanger, Master Mirror was able to trap people and buildings inside of himself and was sent by Gara to trap the entirety of Tokyo inside of him which is why he fired that strange blue ray at a building.
    • This was changed to allow for the Kimberly queen plot and because of too many Japanese people being present.
  • Mirror Maniac's mirror was originally smashed by Shishi Ranger's Dairen Rod but was cut due to him both blatantly being in the footage, because they were suddenly in another dimension, and the violent impaling of his mirror.


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