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Mirror broken

The Mirror Maniac is a mirror monster created by Lord Zedd from a small mirror. He is the main antagonist of the episode "Beauty and the Beast".


The Mirror Maniac was created by Zedd from the small mirror, that Tommy gave as a gift to Kimberly to destroy the Rangers since they were one man down after Goldar kidnapped Kimberly to make her Zedd's queen,. After Kimberly escaped from  Zedd, the monster returned to Earth. They confronted the monster but Zedd enlarged him, smashing the mirror on his front. The Rangers then summoned the Thunder Megazord so he fired energy spheres but it was unfazed. He charged at it to try and melee it into oblivion but was overpowered by the Thunder Saber and then finished off with its energy slash. After his destruction, the mirror reformed in the Park


Mirror Maniac was cunning, but somehow cocky. He was shown to be faithful to Zedd, and was brave enough to fight the Thunder Megazord with his bare hands.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength-The Mirror Maniac believed he was strong enough to outmuscle the Thunder Megazord, so much so that he charged straight at it.
  • Mirror Energy Blast-The Mirror Maniac signature attack where he charges up the mirror on his face with rainbow-white energy. He would then transfer it into his hands, forming an energy sphere which he would then throw forth. This attack caused large explosions but had no effect on the Megazord, this being it's only use


  • Fists-The Mirror Maniac has no weapons of his own but has large balled fists.

Behind The Scenes


  • Just like many other characters, Mirror Maniac was voiced by Tom Wyner.


  • The Mirror Maniac's mirror was originally smashed by Shishiranger's Dairen Rod  but was cut due to him both blatantly being in the footage, because they were suddenly in another dimension, and the violent implaing of his mirror.
  • The Mirror Maniac appears as the first boss in the SNES version of The Movie.

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