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Mirror Maniac (broken)

Mirror broken

Mirror Maniac is a mirror monster created by Lord Zedd from a small mirror given as a gift to Kimberly from Tommy. He is the main antagonist of the episode "Beauty and the Beast".


Mirror Maniac was created by Zedd from the small mirror, that Tommy gave as a gift to Kimberly before leaving. Mirror Maniac could blast energy from the mirror on his face. After Kimberly escaped from minions of Zedd, (Zedd wanted to make her his queen), and returned to her friends, they fought with monster and broke the mirror on his face. Zedd enlarged him. In the battle with Thunder Megazord, he used the energy spheres, which he fired from his mirror. However he was destroyed by Thunder Saber. Beauty and the Beast


Mirror Maniac was cunning, but somehow cocky. He was shown to be faithful to Zedd, and was brave enough to fight the Thunder Megazord. He also hates when his mirror is damaged.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Energy Blasts: Mirror Maniac can fire the energy from the mirror on his face.


  • Mirror

Behind The Scenes


  • Just like many other characters, Mirror Maniac was voiced by Tom Wyner.


  • Mirror Maniac appears as the first boss in the SNES version of The Movie.

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