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Mirror Bōma (カガミボーマ Kagami Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes who acted as a guardian for Wandering Boma Kirika.

Character History

Kirika summons Mirror Boma to help her and Yamimaru collect Musashino Academy students to be collected for a ceremony where they would be forced to dance to use their youthful energy to revive the ancient Boma monster Dragras. Seeing the Boma Beast as the gate to reaching the Wandering Boma, the Turboranger enter it but cannot prevent Dragras from being revived. After being forced out of Mirror Boma's mirror gate, they try to attack it but it fires out attacks from the Wandering Boma and the monster preventing from getting too close. The Turboranger ultimately use a Combination Attack ending with Red Turbo's GT Crash to finally destroy it. After Kirika grows it, the team tries to use Turbo Robo but its power proves too much, leading to them using Super Turbo Robo and destroying the Boma Beast with the Super Miracle Beam.


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Its main ability is to use its property as a mirror for combat and assisting others, including using its face as a gate into another realm and reflecting attacks that are thrown from that world outwards against those who attack it; it also can fire a beam from its face.

Behind the Scenes


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