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Mirian Solar (ミリア星人ソーラ Miria Seijin Sōra) (39) is a warrior from planet Miria who assists the Silver Imperial Army Zone due to an infatuation with Galactic Swordsman Billion.

Character History

Solar comes from planet Miria, one of the 999 planets conquered by Zone in the past; her family was killed by Zone soldiers, but she ultimately becomes protected by Billion despite him being one of the invaders, while likewise showing respect to her murdered parents. This chivalry leads to Solar to gain an infatuation with Billion, making her desire to help him and win over his heart.

Dark Solar

When Solar comes to Earth to assist him, he shows no desire in having her help in the beginning until she reveals her Dark Solar power, with its strength overwhelming Fiveman with ease. In hopes of receiving that power for Zone, Billion Billion convinces her that he is fighting the evil Fivemen for the sake of Earth's peace, and agrees to take her on a full day's date as a human, which she sees as an act of love but he sees as a necessity to gain her power. Once the day and the date was over, she uses the Red Pill to permanently become Dark Solar to assist him, even as Fiveman realizes that she's being used and can't just keep working for him out of blind love. Ultimately, Billion wounds Solar and reveals that he only fought the soldiers who'd killed her parents because he enjoyed battle, making her enraged to the point of nearly killing him but not doing so due to her love. When she asks him to finish her off, Billion, either out of trying to stop her or out of the knowledge that she can't ever be normal again due to the red pill, kills Solar himself; yet while Gaku and Fiveman try to comfort her, she continues to believe that Billion loved her to the end in delusion as she dies.



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  • Solar's main ability on her own is an advanced skill with the bo-staff; but her main strength are a special set of pills she can partake in that gives her the "Dark Solar" form, turning her into a horrible but powerful monster. If she partakes in the green pill, then the transformation is temporary; but if she takes the red pill, then she will remain as Dark Solar until she is killed.

Behind the Scenes



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