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"Miratrix. And you won't stop me. That's the problem with the human heart, it controls everything. And I control yours."
―Miratrix's first words to Dax after she reveals her true identity to him.[src]

"Rangers?! You didn't destroy them? You tricked me."
―Miratrix to Will after both seeing the Rangers and later after realizing he did not destroy the Rangers and had called them in for backup.[src]

―Miratrix's final word after being imprisoned in the Jewel of Darkness by Kamdor.[src]

Miratrix is the servant of Kamdor. She was saved by him from being imprisoned within the jewel and has vowed to help him claim the Jewels of the Corona. She was also briefly the 'girlfriend' of Dax Lo. Miratrix serves as the tertiary antagonist of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


Little known about past of Miratrix. It is known that she was once caught on stealing on another planet and was sentenced to punishment but was saved by Kamdor. After this she became his loyal servant and helper.

Miratrix transform

Miratrix was first shown in her human disguise of Mira. Faking a monster attack for Dax to save her from, she managed to become his girlfriend and used this position to gain the Sword of Neptune scrolls, but would reveal their relationship, Dax and his feelings for her meant nothing to her. She slipped up by mentioning the Rangers' quest for the jewels, about which Dax had never told her; as a result, she was tricked into stealing a fake scroll and her plan was thwarted. Tvicon TV STORY-Heart of Blue


Miratrix as Mira

Miratrix has served Kamdor loyally after he was imprisoned saving her life, and together they search for the Corona jewels. She is a dangerous warrior, facing the Rangers with her hand-to-hand and tanto sword skill. She was attracted to Will when he pretended to defect, and was angered when she discovered it had been an act.

She and Kamdor had greater success than most of their rival villains in searching for the jewels. They were able to steal the Parchment left behind by the Ho-Oh bird, the third jewel of the Corona Aurora in the episode "One Gets Away", and located and gained the fourth jewel (though Ronny used her super-speed to pickpocket it from Kamdor). She also get Octavian Chalice twice (first in a battle with Overdrive Rangers but Mack attack her with Operation Overdrive logo finisher and she lost it, second when she steal it from the rangers in the last minute and turn her into giant owl monster)

Miratrix goes undercover as an aide from the Mayor of San Angeles' office in order to give them Kamdor's fake medals to immobilize the new Mercury Ranger. She went undercover in Egypt and was able to overhear information the Rangers were given without being noticed.


Miratrix with a new hairstyle

She had a strong partnership with Kamdor and was always at his side, serving him loyally. She seemed very friendly with him, but was once frustrated by not being let in on his plans and being dispatched against the Rangers while he searched for the fourth jewel. She appeared to have believed she was considered an equal, whereas he actually treated her as a trusted underling. Finally, after an unsuccessful attempt at reclaiming the Octavian Chalice from the rangers, Kamdor told Miratrix he was tired of her failures and stated she was only a minion and he'd been a fool to believe she could be more.


Miratrix is betrayed by Kamdor.

In retaliation, an upset Miratrix interrupted the ceremony the Rangers were holding involving the Chalice, attempting to gain its power. She was transformed into a giant owl-like monster thanks to its energy and in this form, had enough power to take down the BattleFleet Megazord until Tyzonn and Ronny managed to break her connection to the Chalice. After being defeated by the Rangers and reverted to human form, Kamdor arrived without warning to exploit the situation. He revealed he had been using her to do just what she had done, and after letting Miratrix have a moment of despair he imprisoned her in the jewel he had originally been sealed in. It was never revealed what Kamdor did with the jewel afterward, meaning that Miratrix may have either been destroyed along with Kamdor or the jewel is hidden with Miratrix safely trapped inside forever. Tvicon TV STORY-Two Fallen Foes


Miratrix is an extremely callous, manipulative, selfish, traitorous, arrogant, and devious mastermind that will do anything in her power to destroy the Power Rangers. She even immobilized Tyzonn with a fake medal and with Kamdor, infected Mack with a virus to get the information they need about the location of the fourth jewel. She sometimes let the Rangers get the jewel or relic and she steal it in the right time after the Rangers found it. She watch and let the Rangers found the Blue Sapphire and steal it after the other Rangers defend the city against the Fearcats while only Will keeps the jewel alone.

She tends to be a sadistic person as she often smirks and laughs when she see the Rangers or the other villains suffering. She is also a quite snark talker. She insults Moltor when the Evil Alliance failed in " Once a Ranger" and Will after she and Kamdor stole the Blue Sapphire from him in "One Gets Away".

Despite this, she is still highly loyal to Kamdor. However, when Kamdor betrayed her, she was completely heartbroken, to the point where she sobbed at him to spare her only to be imprisoned indicating that she may have had feelings for him as she felt he was the only family she had.

As a monster, Miratrix is a violent creature that will destroy anything in her path. She also doesn't talk while in her monster from, only speaking in growls and roars.


PROO Miratrix profile


Powers and Abilities[]


  • Teleportation: Miratrix can teleport to any location at will.
  • Shapeshifting: Miratrix can turn into anyone to trick her enemies into believing that she is good and is on their side.
  • Item Summoning: Miratrix can summon an item that can be a material to Kamdor's monster as shown in "It's Hammer Time".
  • Earth Implosion: By combining her power with Thrax and all the other antagonists, she make a ninja hand seal and point it to the sky and create an implosion in entire Earth. This was her ultimate attack with the other villains and is strong enough to damage the Morphin Grid to such an extent that it obliterated the Rangers' powers.
  • Power Absorption: Miratrix was able to absorb some of the Octavian Chalice's powers.
    • Enlarging and Transformation: After absorbing power from the Octavian Chalice, Miratrix was able to assume a giant monstrous owl-like form.


  • Strength: Despite her appearance, Miratrix is surprisingly very strong and can easily overpower any Ranger with ease. She can crush a big stone with a single kick in " Two Fallen Foes " and knock Will out with a single kick in " Things Not Said ". Along with Kamdor, she is the most competent and cunning villain in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: In addition to her strength, Miratrix is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Extraordinary Jumper and Leaper: Miratrix can jump and leap at incredible heights and distances.
  • Durability: Miratrix took a massive slash to the torso from Mig's powered up claws and was knocked down but did not remain that way for long. Even being blasted by Mig's bazooka did not cause either her or Kamdor any serious harm. She also did not get any serious harm after receiving the Operation Overdrive logo finisher from the Red Sentinel Ranger, since she was only knocked down but did not remain that way for long.


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  • Twin Tantos: Miratrix is equipped with two tanto-like swords, but she sometimes uses only one for combat. Sometimes she uses her left hand but sometimes she uses her right hand.
    • Shock Wave: Miratrix can slam her tanto on the ground and create a white shockwave, this attack can cover a huge area, making this one of her strongest abilities.
    • Ground Implosion: Also by slamming her sword into the ground, she can cause the Earth to crack as well as summon a bunch of falling rocks.
  • Jewel of Darkness: Miratrix used this jewel to communicate with Kamdor back when he was imprisoned inside of it. However, she was later imprisoned within it in his place after she was defeated by all Overdrive Rangers.
  • Eye of the Sea: After she stole the Eye of the Sea from the Overdrive Rangers, she can use it to make her monster grow giant and get a new form.
  • Octavian Chalice: After she snatched the Octavian Chalice away from Overdrive Rangers in the last minute, she can use it to grant her wish, which was to become powerful (turning into a giant owl monster). When she morphed into her giant owl form, the Chalice was protected by a spirit-like barrier that can't be destroyed by any means except with the Mercury Ranger's civilian abilities (which only works for a short time).
  • Blue Sapphire: Miratrix stole this jewel from Will and it fell into her and Kamdor's possession for a long time and later Flurious'.
  • Sword of Neptune: Miratrix gets 2 of 3 scrolls Sword of Neptune after she uses Dax and pretend to become his girlfriend. She uses the scrolls to power up her monster.
  • Thermal Bivalve Reticulating Laser: After Miratrix uses Will to help her find it, she can use this device to release someone from imprisonment. Miratrix uses this device to release Kamdor from Jewel of Darkness's imprisonment.

GSB-Demon Bird

Miratrix Monster Form

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Octavian Chalice Empowerment: Miratrix can draw more power from the Octavian Chalice to continously increase her strength. But if her connection to the Chalice has been broken, she will lose most of her power.
  • Storm Cataclysmic: Miratrix can create a thunderstorm.
  • Chest Lightning Beam: Miratrix can fire red-pink colored lightning beams from her chest.
    • Energy Drain: Miratrix's lightning beams can also drain/zap away at her opponents' energy.


  • Strength: By gaining powers from the Chalice, Miratrix is now more powerful than before. In her monster form, she easily overpowers BattleFleet Megazord before Tyzonn and Ronny severe her connection to Octavian Chalice.
  • Durability: Also by gaining powers from the Chalice, Miratrix now has thick skin that is strong enough to withstand more attacks, such as the laser blast of the BattleFleet Megazord and not even get scratched.
  • Flight: Miratrix can fly at high speed thanks to her wings.
    • Dashing: Miratrix can glow blue and dash straight towards the enemy while flying.
  • Wind Conjuring: Miratrix can flap her large wings to release strong gusts of wind. It is powerful enough to blow over the BattleFleet Megazord.
    • Reflection: Also by conjuring strong winds, Miratrix can blow away projectile-type attacks back at her enemies. They are shown to be powerful enough to blow away the BattleFleet Megazord's energy lasers.
  • Head Butt: Miratrix can perform a headbutt to bash at her opponents.


  • Severed Connection to the Octavian Chalice: If Miratrix's connection to the Octavian Chalice has been broken, she will lose most of her power.


  • Bird Beak: Miratrix can use her bird beak to peck at her enemies.
    • Fire Breath: Miratrix can spew out strong orange colored flames from her beak.




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Behind the Scenes[]



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  • Possibly from mirage, combined with the Latin feminizing suffix -trix.


  • Miratrix mentioning that emotions are a weakness to Dax is quite ironic as she let her own emotions get the best of her, leading to her defeat and imprisonment.
    • Her defeat is also ironic because she is imprisoned by Kamdor. A person who was freed from imprisonment by her.
  • Miratrix is the only villain in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive that does not get destroyed by any of the Rangers or any of the Villains, or even destroyed on-screen. Instead she is trapped in the Jewel of Darkness by Kamdor, her final fate is unclear following Kamdor's destruction.
  • Miratrix is the only main villain in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive who is not destroyed by only one Ranger in their final battle. Flurious and Benglo are all destroyed by Mack separately. Moltor is defeated by Mack but destroyed by Flurious. Kamdor is destroyed by Will. Crazar and Mig are destroyed by Tyzonn. Miratrix is beaten by all six Overdrive Rangers after she absorbed the power of the Octavian Chalice that turned her into a giant owl monster (Demon Bird in Gogo Sentai Boukenger), making her very powerful before Kamdor sealed her in the Jewel of Darkness.
  • Miratrix is the second female villain to not turned good in the finale while her Sentai counterpart is reformed and abandoned her crimes. The first is Queen Machina, the third is Poisandra, and the fourth is Madame Odius.
  • Miratrix is the third and last villain to be defeated by another villain and not destroyed. The first is Queen Bansheera and the second is Lothor.
  • Miratrix is the only villain that faces the Red Sentinel Ranger twice. The first is when he debuted while the second is when he fights her to get the Octavian Chalice back from her in a battle.


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