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Miralca (ミラルカ Miraruka) is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

A Space Beast whose body is composed of many mirror-like objects. Her main ability involves the manipulation of mirrors, allowing for her to create mirrors to trap people within as well as reflect on the identity of those and take her for themselves, becoming a practical mirror image. She also possesses the ability to create explosions through the green eye-like protrusions on her spinning head. Miralca captures Sayaka within a mirror and steals her identity in order to broadcast the location of the EDF base; however she faces many problems in making those around her believe it was Sayaka, including being spotted by the EDF at a guard post (forcing it to destroy a hidden camera for spying on her blouse pin) and deciding not to partake in handprint identification after arriving. Mai in particular figured this Sayaka as a phony and used a battle formation the two were working on as a means to figure out the real one. Change Mermaid and Phoenix use this formation to stop Miralca before the Power Bazooka destroys her. After Gyodai rebuilds her, she tries to trap Change Robo in a mirror, but it breaks out with it's flash (similar to Sayaka escaping the mirror prior using the flash on her transform brace) before destroying her with Dengeki-ken.The Soldier Who Disappeared into a Mirror


Miralca is state to be an exilent spy by Gozma him self. but we dont realy see to mutch to suport that. she is very over confident does no resurch on here targit. this combind he consided personality mad here stand out will under cover. even when the person she was impersinating shows up and tells every one shes a spy she still refuse to really take it seriusly.

Modus and Arsenal

Miralca is a spy and an infiltrater. she use he shap shifting to impersinat others and take down there opistion from the inside. in this case she was captures Sayaka within a mirror soshe coud locate the EDF base.



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Behind the Scenes

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